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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin7411 View Post
    Also Phil Elmore has requested that post 42 be removed because in his eyes it contains false information in it as well. I would of done it myself to save everyone time but I can't find a way to the delete the post so its up to you guys.
    We don't delete posts here. Phil knows this.

    I suggest you use this as a lesson to think carefully about what you put out on the internet for public viewing.
    Shut the hell up and train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin7411 View Post
    Apparently Phil has seen this thread and doesn't like the comments in it so I issue a retraction
    **** Phil Elmore. I gave an objective review of a book he wrote. Instead of taking it for what it was he was butt sore about it and was crying a good part of the year saying my opinion was biased against him. I never do biased reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin7411 View Post
    Okay everyone Phil Elmore is nothing but a walking and talking advertisement for Paladin Press, the International Society of Close Quarters Combatives (ISCQC), along with Soldier of Fortune Magazine/ Omega Group Publishing (SOF), and the Bujinkan and here is the proof.

    First let’s look at SOF/ Omega Group Publishing/ Paladin Press I found some SOF magazines on Google Books and typed in Paladin Press well here is all of them that is available to the public.

    Now you can't flip through them but you can type in something and then it tells you how many times it appears in the magazine itself and I decided to type in Paladin Press on two of them and it turned out that I was right they pay SOF magazine to advertise them in their magazines and to review their material plus recommend their material as well for its readers.

    Now I did find something else on my own that will help out the info for this post and that is the person who owns SOF magazine Robert Brown use to own Paladin Press but sold it to prevent further more trouble coming towards him like Dick Cheney's relationship with KBR Halliburton in Iraq. (Its on Page 2 and 3 that they point out that Robert Brown use to own Paladin Press)

    Not only that look at this link its specifically about Brown's publications it talks about an old company called Panther Press that and someone called Peter Lund use to own in conjunction with Brown which he sold his share of and it got renamed Paladin Press

    So there is a link to them and it all goes back to Robert K Brown who use to own Paladin Press but owns Omega Group and SOF magazine that still advertises Paladin Press as useful reading material through his SOF magazine. (Insider Trading)

    Also add this to it too and this is from a US government website that Omega Group publishes Paladin Press material not only that numerous books from Paladin Press where found in the possession of Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City Bomber. Paladin Press was not only linked to the Oklahoma City Bombing but other acts of domestic terrorism as well including the bombing of the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as numerous others.

    This has to be Phil's boss Jeff Anderson he advertises Jeff to the public along with everyone that are affiliates to his site plus he is also the President of the ISCQC. Also the second link is a list of the members of the ISCQC which is the link between Phil and his marketing done on The Martialist on behalf of Paladin Press/SOF and the ISCQC. Which can also be seen tracking his account on Youtube and if you can get access to it his Twitter account which I can bet Phil is one of his 47 followers along with he has a background in Ninjutsu as well

    Now this is where everything is seen that Phil's site ain't nothing but a marketing tool for people that work with the ISCQC and Paladin Press/ SOF magazine because the 8th link is Damian Ross's site who is listed as an author or respected instructor under the ISCQC according to the ISCQC Author's Link that was listed with Jeff Anderson his link is the one that says "Defend Yourself from any Attack You Don't need a Black Belt"

    Now just to make it to where you also don't need to go up to Jeff Anderson's section again and so that we stay in order with his prominent links on his site we'll relist the ISCQC Authors Link

    Now next is Gab Suarez this is pretty easy Paladin Press/ SOF publishes him not only that Phil has bookmarked twice

    Now here is Bob Orlando he is the owner of Jedutoo School of Martial Arts he's Phil's final link of the chain on the bottom just like Gab Suarez Paladin Press/ SOF is his publisher. Now this one of the many rave reviews that start to show everything is really related to each other because here is Brian VanCise a Bujinkan member being vouched for by one of Phil's associates so now comes in the Bujinkan into the frame.


    We'll discuss the Bujinkan's involvement in this later but I dug threw all of them which was longest thing to do for this research and comparing names to the ISCQC Authors link. But you can see it from here that Phil is also marketing other products from companies as well but they are related to both the ISCQC and Paladin Press.

    Lets start off with Keith Pascal check this out he got 2 reviews from Phil

    Here is Jerry Van Cook he got a review from Phil and his material is published through Paladin Press plus James A Keating who has material published through Paladin Press did an insert for Jerry Van Cook's book too

    Here is Loren Christensen he has own publisher as well as gets stuff published through Paladin Press he is also a member of the ISCQC plus he got a review from Phil along with some of his articles appeared in SOF magazine too

    Alain Burrese is heavily affiliated with Phil but not by choice I'm afraid because he has his own publisher along with he belongs to the ISCQC plus he gots multiple reviews and Phil referenced one of his reviews on Gab Suarez's material who is a fellow member of the ISCQC and published by Paladin Press

    Now here is Carl Cestari he's a member of the ISCQC plus he got multiple reviews by Phil Elmore and Phil also references him and his material for his own training which will be discussed later

    Now here is Sammy Franco he's a member of the ISCQC along with he got a review by Phil
    but here is Phil trying to submit Street Sword to Sammy Franco for review and well read Sammy Franco's review on it and see Phil still try to validate and its one of the early post Phil admits Street Sword's material will get readers locked up if they try any of it

    Now this is Jim Wagner Phil reviewed a knife that was specifically made for Jim and he belongs to the ISCQC

    Now this when the Bujinkan connection starts to come into play because Jeffrey Miller who is a member of the ISCQC he also offers a Bujinkan Ninjitsu home study course

    Now this is a thread that was solely dedicated to Don Roley who is a Bujinkan member and you can see post 4 where Phil backs up Don Roley and if you track Don Roley enough you can see the relationship between Phil, the ISCQC, and the other Bujinkan members like Brian VanCise and Jeffrey Miller.

    Here's Phil backing Don Roley and saying he's highly reputable its post 4

    Now here is Don Roley's Myspace profile when Phil had his Myspace profile up he was one of his top friends (Phil deleted his Myspace) but you can see the link between them all by looking at his Friend's List.

    You can see from the very start that ISCQC member Marc MacYoung is one of his friends Don Roley has 4 pages of friends

    The second page shows that fellow ISCQC member Alain Burrese is a friend of Don Roley too

    Don Roley's third page has two links to show their affiliation to the ISCQC check out this person named Sam Walker he has Marc MacYoung (along with his wife), Alain Burrese, and Don Roley as his top friends

    Now this is the connection that fully encloses the relationship between Phil Elmore, Don Roley, and the Bujinkan because Brian VanCise is also a friend of Don Roley on his third page too

    Now Phil says that he doesn’t think MMA is a good enough fighting style or sport to use in self defense so then why does he watch MMA himself and feel the same pain that
    Zoila Frausto felt when Meisha Tate snapped her arm

    Now here is a review that Phil was harsh about but the lady he knocks belongs to the ISCQC Melissa Soalt

    Now this is why in a nutshell why Phil along with Paladin Press/ SOF, the Bujinkan, the ISCQC, Bullshido, and all of the rest of them are acting the way that they are and that is because they just want to get money and keep it within their own little circle.

    Here's Phil announcing that his Flashlight Fighting book was going to be sold as a study guide with a video about the same subject from Paladin Press.

    Now you can tell that the ISCQC does put a leash on Phil when they have to you can use The Hikuta Lie (video and article is now deleted) as proof along with how he solely focused on Jack Savage and not on Al Albidin who is a member of the ISCQC

    Phil does have a weakness though if no one is supporting him he will break down and give in you can use how David Pearson wanted to leave him as proof.

    Also you can also see that his site is beneficial to all of them to stay afloat and how he reacted when they were going to delete everything and lose his backing with everyone.

    You can also tell that Marshall Czech then under the alias Steve Miller or more commonly known as Martial Checkmate is Phil because of how on Tug Hill Studios' Youtube along with Phil Elmore's Youtube both have them as subscribers and friends on their Youtubes. Along with what Ashida Kim told Phil on Fight Against Cyberbullying's Facebook plus you can see by the site’s style along with their writing style its the same as the Martialist too with troll sections as well. (Now some of the links are deactivated)

    "Well, I guess we proved Marshall Czech is actually Phil Elmore. See he thinks that using this name as an alias and then starting a new trash and bash site called Martial Check Mate is magic secret code: marshall=martial Czech=check and proves how clever he is. Actually he has only discovered what English teachers have ...known all along. "homonyms" words that sound the same but have different meanings. It is only magic to a schizophrenic, LOL "

    I also found another link to the Bujinkan that also holds links to the Genbukan along with Ronald Duncan and Jinichi Kawakami which are Koga Ryu Ninjitsu lines as well that is related to Phil Elmore too and that is the Sevillian Steel book that Phil reviewed and the author is James Loriega which his publisher is also Paladin Press/SOF. This also proves that Phil Elmore as anti-Ninjitsu as he is references techniques from Ninjitsu practitioners and at that practitioners of the Koga Ryu. Along with should I also mention that James Loriega has another book out from Paladin Press called The Scourge of the Dark Continent which has a foreword by James Keating a member of the ISCQC. I knew kept forgetting something from the report (I think you guys can agree with me that was a lot of stuff that I researched and found so far) and this was it but I think this puts the nail in the coffin regarding Phil Elmore. Now since James Loriega has appeared with Anthony Cummins on Martial Arts View's online documentary The Search for Historical Ninjitsu he is also videotaped publicly admitting to training with Masaaki Hatsumi, Shoto Tanemura, along with Stephen Hayes, and Jinichi Kawakami then him personally still acknowledging Ronald Duncan as his mentor along with also training with him. This just further proves that as anti-Ninjitsu as Phil and his supporters are they still associate themselves with and along with use and train in Ninjitsu themselves which are the same styles that they publicly knock as well. So this proves that Phil Elmore personally references Koga Ryu practitioners in his training in the martial arts but he contradicts himself by knocking Koga Ryu Ninjitsu practitioners but also giving them praise in secret for their techniques and studying their techniques while he knocks them publicly to have someone to point the finger at to say that they're fake and useless. This also further proves Phil's connection to Ninjitsu and incorporating it into his training while publicly knocking it along with secretly giving it good reviews.

    Sevillian Steel Review by Phil Elmore

    Sevillian Steel from Paladin Press

    The Scourge of the Dark Continent James Loriega's other book from Paladin Press with James Keating a member of the ISCQC putting a foreword in it

    James Loriega's Website

    The Search for Historical Ninjitsu starring Anthony Cummins and James Loriega (its in the second part that James Loriega talks about him training with Ronald Duncan, Jinichi Kawakami, Shoto Tanemura, Stephen Hayes, and Masaaki Hatsumi personally)

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Now here is Phil knocking Koga Ryu practitioners on his Twitter but he references a Koga Ryu practitioner for his training in the martial arts and gives a good review for James Loriega's material on his Martialist website so this contradicts everything Phil has ever said about Ninjitsu and the Koga Ryu system because he trains in the style himself.

    Now finally the icing on the cake Phil holding one of James Loriega's books in one of his videos

    Also here is one thread you guys should look at that also solidifies what I've been talking about and that is Phil as much as he knocks Ninjitsu he hangs and constantly talks to Ninjitsu practitioners especially members of the Bujinkan

    Now Phil removed a lot of his "fantasy martial artists" videos but here in his Teaching & Training Bio he admits to using books and videos from Carl Cestari and Damian Ross to incorporate WW2 Combatives into his training. Here is Phil talking about in his Liu Seong Combat Applications and remember this line from it "My LSCA is also heavily influenced by my time in Wing Chun Kung Fu and by my affinity for WWII combatives as taught by the late Carl Cestari and by Damian Ross." What makes it more funny is that even though he doesn't hold any rank in WW2 Combatives but he is going to teach it to people who sign up for his Liu Seong Combat Applications video training course. Also with in his Teaching & Training Bio it also shows that Phil co-founded a style with little to no advanced rank with David Pearson when they created Shan Liang Li or in Chinese "Virtuous Strength" which his Short Hand Empty Hand PDF is based on. Add to that he admits to being a “fantasy martial artist” as read verbatim from the site “
    During the years that followed college I spent (and wasted) a great deal of time as a one of those solitary, self-training self-defense students — a “fantasy martial artist,” more or less. During this time I did, however, discover WWII-style combatives as taught by Carl Cestari. I’m now a devotee of the Self Defense Company‘s teachings of this material under Damian Ross.)

    Now adding on to Phil's hyprocrisy of using books and videos to earn rank from in the martial arts along with his associates hypocrisy of using books, videos, and home study courses to learn the martial arts. Phil's own instructor who gave Phil his instructor rank in Liu Seong Gung Fu Dan Donzella admits to using home study courses as well in a link about Phil bragging about Dan Donzella

    as read verbatim from the article itself

    "Dan has studied with several teachers since his time with Gary Galvin. These include Paul De Thouars, Dan Inosanto, and Gat Puno Abon Baet. He travels to Miami perhaps once a year to study with Baet, with whom he also exchanges training videotapes to obtain more feedback. "If you have an extensive background in martial arts," Dan says of this type of long-distance training, "it will work. If you don't, it's very tough. If you make a lot of mistakes you have to correct those mistakes as you get with your teacher again, correcting what you practiced wrong."

    Now this also goes to show you people that Phil is a copy cat from Ninjitsu practitioners as well his Short Hand Empty Hand PDF home study course and video series on Youtube are modeled after ones from Ninjitsu practitioners like Greg Park, Ron Collins, as well as numerous other Bujinkan members too like Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller and Richard Van Donk. This also shows Phil is a copycat as well when he admits to taking Ashida Kim's $10,000 Challenge and lowering it to $9,999 since he's "not as famous as the ninja master" its page 19 on the PDF and page 7 on the actual book
    Now this is one that you guys will find funny regarding Phil's Homeless Threat

    As much as Phil hates homeless people because of their unwanting to work for a living and would rather beg for money then why is Phil begging for money to keep his websites going on Twitter for!/Phil_Elmore/status/107043821359083520

    Also this helps solidifies it that Phil only endorses what he is paid to endorse and will tear down anyone else that is considered the competition for the companies and people who sponsor him. Here is some tweets from his Twitter account looking for more sponsors on his Martialist website along with his Facebook and Twitter along with him admitting that he keeps the Martialist website going off of the advertisements on his website.!/Phil_Elmore/status/75995459658846208!/Phil_Elmore/status/75995780166594560

    I also found something of interest as well regarding Phil and I notice he mimics a video game character by the name of Khan from Kakuto Chojin for the X-Box to the T. (He even looks like him for real life at times) This could also be one of the reasons why Phil also has a deep hatred towards Islam because Microsoft decided to pull the game because it had a Muslim song for its character Asad's stage

    I also got an interesting photo for you guys to check out from Phil's Twitter account and well remember he said he wouldn't be caught doing the training in Ninjitsu nor does he want to be affiliated with ninjas if his life depended on it. Well, look at this pic from Phil he calls the Fish Bandanna Bandit looks like Phil's attempt of being a ninja is highly flawed along with his clothing isn't that much of a camouflage to blend into the environment he is around even though it wouldn't do him any good anyway because his big stomach would give him away.

    I don’t know if you guys already know this but listen at 2:50-3:26 of his video Weighted Chain Follies (Phil has since deleted this video)

    Phil actually decides to go after Anthony Cummins and says that he isn't credentialed enough to talk about weapons and he is pulling things out of his ass regarding the history and skill of the ninja. I don't know about you guys but I have a sneaking suspicion that since the ISCQC and Paladin Press/ SOF have a lot of Bujinkan practitioners among them and Phil is really good friends with Don Roley that he did so to try to impress the Bujinkan members that are associated with both organizations. I also noticed that Anthony has removed his videos regarding the investigation he did into the Bujinkan so Phil is just trying to take one last stab at Anthony just to make himself look like a badass to his Bujinkan friends.

    The recent activities from everyone as well as the previous material that was shown in this post show a working alliance between Phil Elmore, the Bujinkan, Paladin Press, and the ISCQC that they do smear campaigns on anyone that isn't willing to join them or teach their styles. Until the legally have to stop the smear campaign or face serious criminal action for what they do and personally I think they are starting to realize that they fucked up and are now trying to cover their asses at all costs to cover this working relationship between each other for the profit.
    You want to delete this post?
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    This thread is about Ron so lets look at him a little closer, i'll go low power with the microscope. He makes claim to be ex GRUNT who just recently left the military. However in other threads he claims to be a veteran police officer, so which is it Army Infantry or Police officer hard to say really whatever suits his fancy. Let's see today i'll be Army vet and tommorow well i'll be a police officer/ yea OK Ronny boy! The thing that fucking irks me is that these fake Army guys are spitting in the faces of REAL military worldwide and it's wrong. Is Ron for real? hmmmm from what i have seen doubtful, he also avoided my latest question in his death thread, so when i can post there again(limited posting restriction as usual) I plan on getting into his background some more.[/QUOTE]

    Maybe military police? I've known guys who referred to them as police officers while they served as an MP in he Army

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLICK30 View Post
    Maybe military police? I've known guys who referred to them as police officers while they served as an MP in he Army
    No. Any MP will tell you he was an MP and wouldn't just leave it at Police Officer. In the military others will refer to them as MP if they were CID then it would be Special Agent. When they address you the will use their Rank and last name.

    Ron was an 11B10 (the 10 is his skill level meaning E1-E4 Private to Specialist) so he wasn't ever an MP. This is seen clearly on his records that Phil provided.
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    PhilElmoreDotCom posted:
    Ron Collins, aka DravenAzropht, aka OmotoRyuBudo, was arrested on 19 April, 2012 on two counts of child pornography. Link is and a link to Ron's booking mug shot is . Looks like all the people who indulged Ron Collins' fantasies, including YouTube users who befriended him and interviewed him, were supporting someone who just got arrested for kiddie porn.

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    I'll be interested to see the arrest and/or search warrent when its publically released. This is worse then what I, or probably even Phil ever imagined.

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    Evidently this April, Ron posted a video to youtube where he blamed various parties for the conspiracy against him. If anyone has the stomach to sit through this 24 minute tape and see if he alludes to his upcoming arrest please tell us what he says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffphansen77 View Post

    PhilElmoreDotCom posted:
    Ron Collins, aka DravenAzropht, aka OmotoRyuBudo, was arrested on 19 April, 2012 on two counts of child pornography. Link is and a link to Ron's booking mug shot is . Looks like all the people who indulged Ron Collins' fantasies, including YouTube users who befriended him and interviewed him, were supporting someone who just got arrested for kiddie porn.
    Holy ****!

    I hope his Martial arts skills are as good as he claimed, he is going to need them where he's going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMMA View Post
    Holy ****!

    I hope his Martial arts skills are as good as he claimed, he is going to need them where he's going.
    This is MABS, don't turn this into a YMAS thread.

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