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    Quote Originally Posted by HereBeADragon View Post
    Had that been one of my students I would have been so proud.
    Well I was happy that she could hit hard. A while later we lost a twelve year old boy because she beat him pretty hard sparring. Shihan was like, guy, this is a martial art, toughen up! But too bad for his little ego. At that age girls are often bigger and stronger than the guys. It does cross my mind that the boy hadn't gotten my clever encouragement and learned to unload.
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    Not a strike but a throw

    So there I was in the west bank of Palestine, out at night sparring with this guy who was armed with a walking stick (dont ask) he starts twirling it around like it was "chucks" and I think, oh he don't know how to use it... I step into his pattern as it goes low grabbing it with both hands and swinging it to the side in a failed disarm, he maintains control of it and goes with my motion and throws me over his back, head first into jagged rocks, splitting my head open and cutting my elbow. I am back on my feet in moments but alas the sparring had to be post poned while I went to the nearest red cresent hospital to have my head stitched closed.

    Then there was that time this dog pushed me off a cliff or did I jump off in an effort to avoid his jaws, cant remember it happened so fast, that hurt too... then there was that time that car hit me... I have trouble remembering things I think I just realized why lol

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    Wow seven year bump.
    Blade Windu's signature brings back comical memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Pintados View Post
    Not in a fight, but a mosh pit. Descending directly face first into (essentially) a really solid jumping knee. White flash. Woah that was hard. My nose is running. Are my front teeth loose?
    This reminds me that I was headbanging in a club, and I accidently headbutted someone, but because I was taller than him, my eye socket hit his top of the head, and from the bang, surprise and pain I fell on my ass.

    In another club, a girl punched me in the groin because I didn't let her drink from my beer bottle (she was already pretty drunk). I wasn't expecting that! She actually only hit my bladder, and not really my balls, so it really heart for only a couple of minutes.

    I got hit by a bokken (a wooden sword) in my ear in the dojo. Couldn't walk straight for a minute or two, and my ear became red.

    I also dropped a guy on my foot by accident- and limped for a month.

    I tried to make a backwards roll when someone pushed me backwards, and I fell bad on my own feet, bending it down (so the toes are pointing down) and streaching something... Limped for another month.

    When I was a kid I was riding my bike, when I pulled the forward and the back wheels breaks at the same time. The bycicle stopped, I went flying in the air and landed on the back of a car that was just parralel parking. The driver was shocked, probably thought that he hit me. Well, I hit him!

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