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    Its a song form the MK soundtrack for the game, not the movie.
    Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!


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    Heh, I've still got that original, game 1 techno soundtrack in my house. Just found it again the other day. Doesn't sound as cool as it once did.

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    ninjutsu and ninja was in Japan, not in China I don't know anything about some chinese ninja but i will believe there (by some reason) some MA practitioner that bound together by community, sworn in and practice they believe in secrecy in the past and well....not documented.
    China is huge place, many sect, fighting style and knowledge born and dying or lost during rise and fall of dynasty, in this situation everyone become victim, principally or physically, some MA practitioner go into the war, some evading the war seeking for peace and settle in temple or somewhere else, some moving around for seeking of fortune or experience, and some in order to survive, become brotherhood or disappearing from public.
    In "Ping Fa" or Art of War by Sun Tzu, there's chapter wrote about use of spies, and missions they carried out but these are spies not some sort ninja, they maybe chosen from common warrior that trained and specialized in these field, but that's all. I not totally disagree with possibility there's are ninja counterpart in China, Ping Fa created by Sun-Tzu in China, and yes Sun-Tzu is Chinese so how is possibility there are not ninja counterpart in China? His thought are inspired many people, maybe included ninja creation in Japan, In China militarily they carried out assassination, sabotage and mostly spying yes, in Qin dynasty terracota warrior, there is small amount of warrior that placed in front main army, have minimal protection so they can move easily, they are become "spearhead", a special forces, so there's probability later from this guys spies are born. Beyond Ping fa and military,also there possibility some occult or secret society or person that carried out assassination and terror, but mostly rely on lies, misinformation, secret to cover their activity, like pro-Ming dynasty brotherhood in Qing's era or like Triad society. So don't think it's easy to looking for some legit info, even from internet it just gonna cost you a headache, this is just my own conclusion based on history books,CCTV-9 documentation, sorry if I misinformation. But believe me China in the past has a lot of culture in and adopted, thrive and spread out of China, so please don't say no if you don't know anything. Sorry if my English not good enough.

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