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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Anderson
    Well, obviously that's one of the sadest displays of swordsmanship I've ever seen. I really don't undertstand the idea of cutting various fruits and vegetables lying on top of a living, breathing person. I've seen this type of thing a few times at various martials arts events and just can't make any sense of it. If there are any Asian style sword practitioners on this board, can any of you explain what this is about? Is it supposed to demonstrate that he has enough control to cut just far enough and stop? Is it considered a valid test of skill or is it just some bs for the crowd to ooh and aah at?
    I think it's an invention of piss-poor krotty schools. The ones where you count to ten in Japanese while doing forms all day.

    The reason why he seemed so unconcerned is because when you make the decision to learn a weapons style then you accept all the risks involved as well.

    "Sorry, I sort of slipped during during that full-speed kata."
    "Oh, it's okay. I don't need a windpipe anyway."
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    Sure it shows blade placement.

    Of course you can show blade control with hanging objects on rope or laying cutting objects on an innanimate object..

    If I'd been the guy on the bench I would have taken the sword and nailed him back if I could focus through the blood loss. Course I wouldn't have been on the bench to begin with anyway..

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