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    Thanks for the moves, JohnnyS. I like how your grips take a different approach than the usual underhooks and overhooks most people teach from butterfly guard.

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    I find the problem with the underhooks and overhooks that people show for butterfly guard is that they don't show how to get them. Anyone can sweep somebody if they've got the grips, but how do you stop someone passing while you're attempting to get those grips?

    Another advantage of the grips I've shown is the cross-lapel choke. I probably get this submission more than any other from the guard.

    From the starting position:

    With the grips I've shown, if the guy starts to turn to pass to my right and exposes his neck, I can go for the cross-lapel choke.
    The first thing I do is straighten my right leg to hook his right knee and buy myself some time.

    Then I nearly strike the guy's neck with the blade of my left hand.

    After that, I grab a bunch of his gi (with my thumb NOT in - it takes too long) on his back.

    Then fall back and make myself like a ball so he can't get past my guard or mount me.

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    your a BJJ blackbelt?
    They should add that to your custom title. BTW, thanks for the stuff

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