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    Quote Originally Posted by sivari
    Question: How do I get out if I'm under someone who's sitting on me and has knees on my biceps?
    Take a ring box out of your pocket, throw it across the room, and tell her she might want to go look at what is inside. Of course it will have a plastic quarter vending machine ring in it, but she won't figure that out until she is already off you. I would definitely practice my sprints before attempting this advanced techinque, as your gf could make things kind of ugly for you.

    No sex = teh antigrapple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poop-Loops
    Bwhahaahahah!!! You have a journal!!! LOSER.

    Thanks PL, I needed that.
    Shut the hell up and train.

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    BJJ4Uandme: Ya man. It is the site at 22 and 7. I really liked it compared to the other one in Sandy. My partner was Dave, read headed guy. He had about 50 pounds on me and I must have heard my neck pop 25 times that night. It was great. Also, at the end, Eddie let me roll with him. He really was taking it easy on me, I could tell, but still tapped me out in seconds. I have a call in to Eddie. I am signing up. Since you have been in the class, what is your opinion on the basics? Does Eddie and his team do a good job of the noob stuff? I guess it doesn't matter, I will be there either way. Looking forward to my beatings.

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