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    How to evaluate Silat Bledek instruction?

    Turns out there's a place that teaches Silat Tongkat and Silat Bledek about an hour from me and I'd love to check it out once I have time.

    I am well aware of the standard-issue stuff to check out about a dojo, but I know next to nothing this style so I wouldn't know specifics on what to look for and their site gives (to me anyway) some mixed messages. There's a few photos that look a little off ala...

    On the plus side this is just great.

    How to Claim to be a Martial Arts Master
    Ten Easy Steps to Instructor with None of the Effort

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    Tongkat/Bledek in Charleston

    I've been training with Scott Geiger for a couple of months now and have been very satisfied. Instruction is straight forward and reality based with a good dose of humor thrown in. It's also a real family atmoshpere around training. Classes are small now and Scott teaches each one. We do a lot of free play exercises and pad drills in addition to jurus, forms and techniques to keep things more realistic. As far as sparring goes, Scott's adding more as we get more protective gear in, and outside of the school we have been know to throw down in my back yard pretty hard.

    I don't know how familiar you are with Tongkat and Bledek, but for me it fills the inside fighting range between kick/strike the ground game with some cool stick and a lot of knife concepts thrown in.

    I built the site and am responsible for the crappy photos (we were in a rush), so thanks for the compliment on the fun section. If you swing by class I'll let you know the story behind it.

    Best thing to do, in my opinion, is to stop by Monday or Wedesday and check it out and jump in. See if it works for you. Also MGM Bob will be down in Charleston next weekend for a seminar if you can make it.


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