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    if u actully know robbie lavoie in person you're going to get scared....i used to go to douvris and he was 1.3m tall. his girlfriend dumped him and he kept crying for 3 weeks. he doesnt even teach in the classes he flirts with almost evry girl who comes in there. he seriously needs a life!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced
    Let me just say this.
    I'm so over the FSD arguement and that's not why I'm here on this thread.
    I'm looking for first hand information about some clubs I'm interested in going to because I want to learn BJJ. Thjat is where my interests lay.
    So far it looks like OAMA had a very wide open schedule with multiple class times during the day.
    I have a hectic schedule so I need flexibility.
    Enhanced, I go to OAMA too. What's your name?

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    Holy thread from the dead. I didn't even go to OAMA at the time I posted that. Thank goodness for email notification eh?
    Sorry man I prefer to stay anonymous.
    I know that FSD know who I am so that isn't my motivation. It's just nice to be able to say what's on my mind freely with out any worry.
    Sorry pal no offense. Just my preference.
    Besides I've said a lot of dumb things here a while back that I don't want to take credit it for. I was drinking the kool aid hardcore and have really changed my views since back then.
    I've just been lurking here from time to time. I don't really have much to add. But it's fun to see what is being said about FSD over on that thread I can't help it.

    To anybody in Ottawa reading this go to OAMA! I can't tell you just how a great a school it is. I can't imagine myself anywhere else. Man, you want to talk about a team atmosphere? Wow. They really make you feel welcome.
    I just can't begin to say how grateful I am to be there.
    Really, I can't believe the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karate26 View Post
    Robbie and company are point fighting little bitches. They will lie to anyone stupid enough to buy a black belt membership from their crap-tastic mcdojo. LMAO"...bust me up"...bitch please.

    Tony Greco is an aerobics instructor: a poor man's Billy Blanks.

    Greco's work in "....helping kids and adults grow mentally and physically" is a load of crap - I could not disagree more. Helping people get into better shape does not justify the lies and false confidence that Greco sells to uninformed, vulnerable people. Telling people that the Douvris brand of martial arts BS will save their lives is wrong. It is good that Greco's students are getting into shape, becuase the best chance a Greco/Douvris student has in a fight is to run for their life!

    Have I ever fought Tony Greco? No... nor has anyone else in a sanctioned FC fight. Tony is too busy producing aerobics videos and producing TV cooking segments to actually step up to his claims and fight on any full contact card. Tony has: no true MA skills, no education or certification to support the ridiculous diets he promotes, no respected MA titles...

    ...Greco is not even a "has been", he's a "never-was" pretending to be a "has-been"!
    Greco may not be a fighter but I personally have seen how his fitness regimes have helped people turn themselves into fitter happier people.

    Has he ever claimed to be a fighter?

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