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    LOL! That's all I can do when I read your pathetic attempts to prove me wrong and your ridiculous excuses.


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    I'll fight you man. My friend's school has an Octagon and a Ring. Baroni used to train there for the UFC. I've fought bare knuckle plenty of times. My email is [email protected] Your such a bullshidder that I have no apprehension whatsoever about fighting you.

    I also have a webcam and Id LOOOOOVE to let some of the girls on the forum see both of our bodies and decide whos fake and whos not. One look at your flabby azz and itz obvious that you dont train. Go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons in mommy's basement.

    "Migo is such a nerdy, panzy ass, ****** mutherfukker." -Every member of the ADCC Forum(at one time or another).
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    You want to fight him in a ring. He uses a knife it might damage the ring you should do it in an alley.

    "The nght has come and all you lived fr was in the day, but with understanding the night can be a powerfull alley"

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    You could fight under the monkeybars, with a bunch of people yelling "TWO MEN ENTER! ONE MAN LEAVES!" Or one of you could ride a big tard.

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