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    DVD Review: McDojo in a Box/Tommy Nitro's Karate Adventure

    I don't write articles or reviews for Bullshido very often (which may change if the level of sycophantic ass kissing around here picks up sharply... I'm not Phil, just kidding). But occasionally something strikes me like a palm heel to the groin and I've got no choice but to put a grammatical icepack on my intellectual testicles by writing about it.

    This is such a situation. Here's a snippet of the review I wrote for this wonderful martial arts product, Black Belts(TM, WTF?) Tommy Nitro's Karate Adventure DVD and Training Set:

    <i>The culturally confused Sensei Nobu informs Tommy that “Karate is not for attacking, it is used only for self-defense!”. This is brought up again later in the video when it’s said “There is no first attack in Karate.” This statement is 100% true because Andy Hug, K-1 Champion and Kyokushin Karate stylist had to fly all the way over to Thailand just to learn how to throw the first punch in a fight. It’s reported that this difficult transition took over six months of rigorous training. Normally, Karate sparring sessions go to the time limit with both participants just circling each other, except in those rare instances when one of the competitors trips and falls towards the other one. Since this can be considered an attack, his opponent responds promptly by kicking the falling man in the head before he hits the canvas for the win.</i>

    Read the damn article and add your comments. I hope I ruined your childhood somehow.
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    Did your daughter watch it? sounds like child abuse.

    Great review! Who made this crap?
    "You know what I like about you, William? You like guns AND meditation."

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    Yeah, she went through the whole thing as I covered my crotch with a pillow to protect it from stupid rays coming out of the TV.

    "Black Belts(TM)" makes them. They even sell a Gi set.

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    Heh, has this product. I wrote a mini-review for it there but it hasn't shown up yet.

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    Please put up a pic of 'the Crimson Sausage' on the Bullshido front page!
    Now that we know of it, the page can't be complete without it.
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    I might.

    Here's a better picture of him:
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    Good review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    I might.

    Here's a better picture of him:

    some good avatar material here

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    I'd love for bullies to walk around in giant inflated heavy bag suits.
    Rad ki was made up by adolescents. I do not know who created trad ki but it was not made by adolescents. your an ass dude, Im not being a little bitch you are, your past the level of a bitch. Your beyond Bitch! If im easting my time with ki and psi, then your wasting time to prove frauds, and all **** like that! -theoutsider

    Kick boxing is ok, but don't expect do beat a man like Rickson Gracie with that. You need a real martial art. You need Xing Yi Quan. -Emptyflower

    The splits, how ever, have a few martial uses. Doing the splits for me, can put my fists in testical strike range.

    dont ignore the Art for the Martial or else your just kick boxing

    Yes i am serious, there are kicks that can block punches. we have them in Moo duk kwan.
    I want to learn how to use them in case my arm gets broken in a fight.
    what would you have me do? if my arm gets broke, not block punches? -sempi-stone

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    What is your quest?
    Personal best?

    That reminds me of the bridge scene from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.

    What is your name!?
    What is your quest!?
    What is your favorite color!?
    Best Vietnam War music video I've ever seen put together by a vet:

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