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    Just my luck competing in the Mundials

    So my first round matchup at the Mundials this year was against the eventually champion, Ivan Jorge.


    Supposedly hes also a black belt in luta livre (if they give belts at all.....). My instructor told me that he was a blue belt when Jorge was a blue belt, so that makes him a blue belt of about 8 years experience. Natrually being a MMA fighter I assume he does mostly no gi, explaining why hes still a blue belt.

    It was a decent fight, but Id like to fight him again, because I had a couple triangle setups that I just didnt work as fast as I know I usually do. I ended up losing by two takedowns, 4-0

    I also lost in my first fight in the blue belt absolute division.
    This time I fought a guy at least 40 lbs heavier and I put him in a triangle, armbar, and almost took his back. Apparently this was enough and he decided to pin me down and stall out the match for his 2-0 win.

    I hate to say it, but I have no strategy when I fight- I just go out there pull guard, and take whatever is available and given to me. Everyone else has their one sweep, or one takedown, or half guard position they always look for. Its worked in the past, but not the past two tournaments. I guess its time to start insisting on sweeps instead of submissions all the time, especially since Im fighting up a weight class now (Im 165 and fighting in the 181 weight divsision).

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    I feel you bro. Lost my first match there too. Can be very disheartening after you spent a lot of cash to get down there.

    If I remember correctly Americans can just go down and register, whereas the Brazilians have qualifiers so only the best of the best get in there. 8 year blue belts usually own thier divisions.


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