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    pages 1-3, and 6 are the only pages that have anything on topic.

    thread was hijacked everywhere else - wish i'd known that from the first post!

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    Try re-hijacking it back. Tell a hideous training anecdote.

    For instance, I used to train some dudes in a small area above my apartment clubhouse. Well, one night some large African-American fellow walks up and begins asking me probing questions about my kung fu beliefs in regards to combat, realistic fighting, chi and all that stuff. I am a pretty practical guy when it comes to martial arts so I answered as such. This interrogation went on for about 15-20 minutes. I suppose I finally passed his test, then suddenly the entire atmosphere changed. While we were talking, he seemed like a regular guy, but suddenly he walked towards me very stiffly, put his heels together and performed this flourish of a kung fu bow (the usual sun and moon hand position). He said, "Had you not answered correctly, I would not have revealed myself to you." He proceeded to list the line of his teachers and explain what their beliefs of martial arts focused on. He also suggested I visit his school to learn kung fu.
    In the corner of my eye, I could sense the awkwardness of my students as they witnessed what amounted to classic martial arts comedy gold. It was like a scene right out of some kung fu flick. Ugh. I gotta say martial arts has some of the weirdest cronies.

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