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    I have to check out 'Passing the Guard'.

    It gets awesome reviews everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    I really should write a book. Not some kind of instructional with techniques that have already been covered ad nauseum. It will be a BJJ culture book. Filled with all the crazy **** that you learn over time, not out of a book.

    Things like:
    When your coach is yelling PORRA!!! it isn't out of love.
    What NOT to do on your first day of class.
    The belt system and all its myths.
    Sizing, and what to look for in a gi.
    What BJJ tournaments REALLY look like.
    What is 'Brazilian' time?
    Creonte, good or bad?

    I think it would be awesome.
    you forgot

    -when you coach says caralh0 it means

    a- porra



    -filho da [email protected] means

    a- great guard!

    b- son of a bitch

    c- your family is lovely, especially your momma

    - sai sai sai

    a- go go go

    b-escape escape escape

    c- suck suck suck

    -acai, energetic or a buch of feces of brazilian exotic animals frozen and mixed to get some money from gringos?

    -you hear a lot about kimonos but you never actually see somebody wearing it

    and the list goes on...
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    i just bought "passing the guard" it is helpful because it is actually organized well.

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    Vol 2 "the Guard" by Ed Beneville + Tim Cartmell is available for preorder. Looks like it's going to be as good as Passing the Guard.

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    Need some air time for Eddie Bravo's new book

    Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed.

    Short Review:

    Pictures: crappy black and white

    Techniques: Innovative Bravo-style A+ stuff. His half-guard game rocks.
    Huge amounts of technique shown.

    Price: $11.53 - no excuse to not buy it, bitches.

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    Also, it's fun to look at Joe Rogain getting submitted over and over again. "He's rocked!"
    Mauro: Coming into the ring now is Giant Silva. 7 foot 2, 385 lbs, making his debut in Pride.
    Bas: Wow, that is one big guy!
    Mauro: He must have an enormous Johnson!
    Bas: UrÖI suppose.
    Mauro: What are his keys to victory here in the Pride ring tonight?
    Bas: Well I think he needs to use his reach, avoid Heaths takedowns, and try to use his size to overpower him.
    Mauro: I mean, imagine the size of that thing!
    Bas: Now Heath is coming into the ringÖ
    Mauro: Do women really like them that big? Doesnít it hurt?
    Bas: I really wouldnít know.
    Mauro: Iím starting to feel a little insecure.
    Bas: Letís just talk about the fight.
    Mauro: Youíre right, el Basito. What are Heaths keys to winning here tonight. What does he have to do? What are his strategies for emerging victorious here in the Saitama Super Arena tonight?
    Bas: Well, the first thingÖ
    Mauro: My wife says she doesnít like them too big, that itís all about how you use it.
    Bas: Thatís not what she told me.

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    The most misleading thing is that it is all techniques with gi. Most people (except Royce unless you count his 2nd fight with Yoshida) think of MMA/NHB as being a no-gi fight. Still, the book has good plenty of good information.
    -Royce is wearing a gi, but the only thing that is gi dependant are the gi-chokes. 90% of the book is basic BJJ fighting technique from the top. An overall good MMA and SD list of techniques for BJJ guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoninPimp
    -Royce is wearing a gi, but the only thing that is gi dependant are the gi-chokes. 90% of the book is basic BJJ fighting technique from the top. An overall good MMA and SD list of techniques for BJJ guys.
    Yeah, youre right. Also if i remember correctly Royces partner doesnt wear the gi. Its just the book could have been called something other than "Ultimate Fighting Techniques". And i think it is a very good manual in terms of overall organization.

    *EDIT*: I went back and looked at UFT today and both Royce and his partner wear the gi.
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    Eddie Bravos book is pretty good. I can't wait to use the "Lock Down" Technique in class.

    I also have "No Holds Barred: the ultimate guide to submission wrestling" by Mark Hatmaker. It seems good for beginers because it spends most of the pages on good positioning and making your oppoenant uncomfortable. It also has some easy to learn submissions. the downside is if you are already an experianced grappler the book proabably wouldnt offer much.

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    I have Hatmaker's book on striking. Somewhat light, but it's pretty well rounded. Many pics.

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