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    interest primarily in building some self-confidence, improving my fighting skills and becoming fit again
    Here are some basics that will help your search.

    #Try a BUNCH of different places before you pick a school.
    #Ask if they spar. If they do, ask if you can observe the sparring. Since you are interested in improving your fighting skills, make sure that they have at least a fair amount of free sparring with contact. Some places restrict sparring @ the beginner levels, so you might have to try and check out the higher-level students sparring.
    #Try to avoid signing a long contract initially. You typically won't get a great feel for a school until you've been there several months.
    #Just because the school is really nice doesn't mean they are excellent teachers. Just because the school is a dump doesn't mean the teaching sucks.
    #Watch out for hidden fees--like excess charges for belt tests, mandatory equipment, etc.
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    natures punching bag

    mauy thai and other training
    sbgi affiliated training group
    standup, clinch and ground work

    texas powerhouse
    410 Austin Highway
    San Antonio, TX 78209
    (210) 822-3785
    Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts training

    switchboard search for martial arts in san antonio

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    Quote Originally Posted by mogwai

    What is a BJJ school and also what is a SBG?

    What is a Carlos Machado affiliate?

    In case you still don't know, BJJ is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and SBG is Straight Blast Gym. Carlos Machado is a top BJJ instructor whose students run affiliate schools under him.

    Speaking of BJJ, here's something I came across on another forum that you might want to check out:

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    BJJ and MMA
    Pedro Alberto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    3203 Nacogdoches
    San Antonio, TX, 78230
    Phone: 210-946-5425

    thats from's school search section under texas
    here's another school in san antonio
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    San Antonio, TX
    MT (no, not "empty")
    Here's the links to my school in San Antonio

    Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Kung Fu, TKD (just started classes at our school in Sept.)
    I like this place alot, been going here since Jan 2004. Ku Phet is a vey nice guy, almost to the detriment of his business. He teaches Muay Thai and has a Kung Fu. If you are interested in fighting MT competitively definitely talk to him. As for submission wrestling/MMA Mike Rangel has a small team of MMA fighters who also practice here. Andrew Chapelle who fought Aaron Riley in Hook n Shoot trains with him.

    There is also a Self Defense class taught by Ivan Santana and a Kung Fu class (not sure what style) taught by another guy whose name escapes me.

    I have also heard good stuff about Texas Powerhouse also, but its abit to far from where i live.

    btw Im also on txmma forum as daigoro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter H.
    There was also a Kenpo school near there with a real ass of an instructor, avoid that one.
    Yes, Curtis Abernathy's American Kenpo I tried a few trial classes there, and was not impressed. The students there were pretty sloppy, some of the brown belts didn't seem much more comfortable than I did, and even being out of training, I didn't break a sweat. The instructor there did have a bit of an attitude, but the last and loudest alarm bell was the 6-month contract. I'm not crying McDojo, but personally I would not recommend it.

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