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If you hover your hand close to anything at all you will probably "feel" something. Your brain is expecting it to touch AND you are thinking about it. So think about it. Heat is also energy... Which you feel... When near someone...

Yep. I accept that.

Hypnotherapy is about giving positive suggestions to a person to help them overcome a problem. Also, it is used in coaching to help someone like an athlete acheive optimum mental performance for their event.

I went to see a hynotherapist because I was torn between two major decisions. I didnt realise it at the time but this was what was causing me to "self - medicate" a lot more than I should which in turn was causing other areas of my life to suffer.

Through trance induction (what most people think hypnosis is) NLP techniques (communicating with someones sub-conscious mind while they are not in a deep trance but fully awake and aware) and simply explaining certain things rationally, the guy completely turned my life around. Changed my priorities in life and sorted out all sorts of minor psychological behaviours that were having a negative affect on me. Basically I learned to control my own mind, not let my feelings and emotions control me.

The most important thing you must realise is that deep down (sub-consciously, instinctively - whatever you want to label it) I wanted this to happen.

A hynotist still has to persuade you to take his view whether you are in a trance or not. He can either make you aware of something you already know is true but have just placed a psychological block on, or he would need to persuade you to believe something.

For example he could suggest:

"Bjj is crap" A million times (whether you are in a trance or not) but if you don't think it is true, he won't change your mind.

He could try and persuade:

"Bjj is crap. It is just a bunch of guys rolling around on the floor together getting all sweaty, and rubbing their genitals on each other". By using negative (to most men) imagery he may put you off Bjj a little bit but if you love it you will still do it.

My point being that by repeating something like:

"ATA Tae Kwon Do is a useful martial art..." or whatever

will not get someone to beleive it.