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    Bjj can't beat Judo?

    You idiot, Bjj IS Judo.

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    You guys say Yoshida is going to loose cause he is used to Olympic Judo. I dot think that is the case i'm sure he has been doing alot of training. I'm sure h as a totally different mind set now then when he was going to "play" Judo at the olympics.

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    I've avoided this thread ~ just tried to sit back and watch ~ but what the hell

    Yoshida (along with his trainers) has no doubt seen every Royce Gracie fight available on tape by now. They most likely know BJJ better than helf of the Gracie students just because of the research they are doing to prepare for a fight like this.

    I think that gives Yoshida an edge. Royce has never seen Yoshida in a NHB event so he may not know what to expect. It may be completely different from anything he has shown in the Olympics.

    If Yoshida comes up with a good game plan after studying Royce's weaknesses then he might have a serious edge.

    Then again, as said earlier ~ Royce has more experience in NHB events. The difference between fighting and sport sparring is night and day ~ your body reacts differently ~ I am sure Yoshida is training with this in mind though.

    I like the Judo kid and I want him to win. I hope he has trained hard and sneaky.

    I am going to have tp pick Royce though ~ just because he has more to lose. He will fight harder.

    my kung fu eeeeeees better than yours!

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