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    Man up and post your pics & bio

    I remember reading on another thread that it was suggested that people post their pics (I think it was BatRonin) and now in the strength training thread #698 it was suggested that a certain member post their credentials. When it comes to people talking martial arts, the beauty of this site is that people can get together at a throwdown and put up or shut up. We need to do the same for the exercise threads. So post your current pics, pics that show your progression, and your credentials so we can all see if you practice what you preach.

    True that some of the best coaches make the worst players. It is also important to note that some people without the proper training or school will still know more than some book learned fool. Fine and dandy. But if you aren't willing to post your full bio and pics, maybe that should tell you something.

    Josh Leet
    - Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry (3 credits shy of a double major but I didn't want to wait 6 more months to graduate) from Southwest Missouri State University 2001.
    - Masters of Science in Acupuncture from Bastyr University 2004.
    - numberous classes in human anatomy and physiology, some classes in nutrition, and two in exercise physiology (exercise phys was only offered as a minor that took 24+ credits and I didn't want to take another year and a half to graduate).

    Exercise History:
    - Tien Shan Pai from 1994-1999
    - weight training from 1997 to present
    - height: 5'9"
    - weight: started at 135 in 1997, presently 212 lbs.
    - worked as personal trainer at Protocol Fitness in Seattle ( from 2003 to present. No exercise certs but was trained by our three chief trainers that all have ACSM and NSCA certs.

    I personally think that gauging the validity of an exercise protocol based off personal experience is acceptable if taken in the context of every bit of training that has come before. The reason why I completely exploded up 25 pounds in the first 3 months of lifting was because of my diet and the fact that I had done Kung Fu for several years and my new training protocol was completely different. I have modified my weight lifting over the years, trying out new protocols and theories, but I always come back to what has worked for me:

    1-2 body parts a day, lifting 3-4 days a week
    3-4 exercises per body part
    10/8/6/4 rep scheme

    This works for me. If you have my body type and exercise history, then it might work for you. Maybe it won't. I believe that workouts have to be tailored to each client to factor in goals, exercise history, bodyt type, blah blah blah.

    Pictures are on my training log. Later today I will post them on this thread (when I get to my computer).

    Edit: pic from my training log. Next weekend I take new pics so I will add some of those in addition to my progression pics (135 to 175 to 210).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quikfeet509
    The reason why I completely exploded up 25 pounds in the first 3 months of lifting was because of my diet and the fact that I had done Kung Fu for several years and my new training protocol was completely different.
    I was lucky enough to be trained by some world class (literally) olympic and power lifters when I was a teenager, so my workout protocol was sound. My biggest regret is how long it took me to learn the importance of diet. I was probably in my mid twenties before I truly understand just how significant it is.

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    Started off as your regular kid in the HS weight room, doings benches and leg curls and **** like that. Met a powerlifter buddy and started to train fairly seriously in that respect (at least on bench/squat/dead) until I bought "Dinosaur Training" in 1999 or 2000. That's when I started training grip and doing a variety of different exercises but still focusing primarily on a powerlifting scheme. Eventually gravitated towards a strongman-oriented routine and future competition in that respect. Also did a good bit of time with bodyweight-only approaches and kettlebells.

    Most of my experience is through personal research and God only knows how many hours under iron. Right now I'm going to school for exercise physiology so I'm probably going to learn more as the time goes by, but I figure I'm pretty well-read for my own experience level. The majority of what I recommend to others is something I've done myself and either got good results with it or scrapped it due to it being useless. I've given out advice that many people find useful, and I try to keep it less than confusing.

    EDIT: Pic added.

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    Well everyone saw my training log before I dismantled it. I'll put up pictures again in Oct or Nov after my periodization program along with the old one I had to show progress.

    I do power lifting, 6 day split.

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    -Expected Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Minor in Mathematics from Washington State University (2 classes shy of graduation and December can't come soon enough!)


    -Cross Country/Long Distance runner through Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School.
    -Shotokan for a couple years, Hapkido for a couple years, Judo for a bit, Wing Chun, Shootfighting, and soon Judo again.
    -I'll post my workout routine once I really figure out what it is (see my other thread--Beginning Strength Training for more info)

    Height- 6' 1"
    Weight- 170

    I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

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    Mostly weights now...
    For all of those the will post their pics later, just edit them into your existing post and be sure they are properly sized.

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    and good morning to you too supporting member
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    college dropout
    2 jobs
    my workout is 3 days a week for 7 hours i move tvs and stereos and **** unloading trucks.
    the extent of my fitness eduication is reading in teh intarweb.

    I'll save the pics for when I don't look like john candy.

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    I have no physical or educational accomplishments worth bragging about and there have been way to many pics of me and the family on this site already.

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    This is funny because I don't think I ever do anymore than read this section's technical banter and debate, but for those of you who haven't seen my skinny ass on the throwdown vids (sadly, it's looking like we'll lose the second SD throwdown vid, or was it third? Well anyway, we've run into some problems recovering it) Without further adieu:

    My dopey self after riding BJJ's nuts for a few hours:

    A little something else for the swingers


    Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate at UCSD

    I don't believe any of my education to have any relation to strength training, but at least I'm 'educated', relatively.


    Before any real MA I did basic weightraining in HS along with basketball. I reached about 230 lbs my senior year playing power forward because the two centers could jump over my white no-talent head, but my defense was solid.

    Stopped working out for almost a year after that basketball season ended. Started lifting off and on in March this year, trying to recover a bit. Haven't got he motivation, I plan to start a kickass routine when I get my apartment finally on the 23rd this month. These are my starting figures.

    -205 lbs
    -10-11% BF (it varies on the cheap little machine)

    That is all

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    My pic's in my profile, for those few of you who might be interested.

    Other than that, I got a Law Enforcement/Police Sciences diploma from Grant MacEwan University College and a Advanced TESOL Diploma from Global TESOL College (TESOL is Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

    For exercise, other than training in martial arts, I am currently training for triathlon. I run alot and I love to play shitty hockey...especially when someone brings beer.

    I do weights when I can fit it in, but to me, they're no substitute for push ups, crunches, dips and chin ups. If you can lift your own body weight, you're strong enough. Especially when you weigh in at 190 and you're 6'1.
    "Onward we stagger, and if the tanks come, may God help the tanks." - Col. William O. Darby

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