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    Hey Zugec, send a PM to Phrost so you can prove you are THE Zugec guy, and you get a nice title over your name with your qualifications (instructor, professional fighter, olympian judoka, wimpy accountant, whatever).

    As for the question at hand: I would look for a) good, hard sparring, and b) a confortable atmosphere. Being a complete newbie means that you should work on both grappling and striking; personally I would pick one and work at it at least a couple of years before trying the other seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zugec
    i figured that, which is why i did not flat out say you were an ass.

    But i am still curious if you train with Matt?


    I see your question now - you addressed it to 'welterweight' which is under my screen name (and just shows that I don't post that much).

    I am in Massachussetts and do not train with Matt.

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    One thing also to check for is to carefully watch the instructor interact witht he students and how the students act. If the instructor is respectful to the students so are the students (aside from the random asshole). The middle of the road student is the best judge of the school, it's training practices and it's general behavior. If the guy whose been there solidly for about 2 years sucks and is rude then the place usually sucks and is rude.

    Some advice: Train hard, rest up, treat injuries before they happen by warming up and listen to your body. The listening to your body is important, since being injured can stop your training.

    hope this helps


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