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    You'd be the right person to ask about this, I think...Where is shaolin?

    I wanna know tell me
    good things come to those who wait
    do good things come to those who wait?
    we wanna know, we wanna know, we wanna know


    don't you know that we can't stop the violence, no
    because the war is not over
    until you can feel love, peace,
    and hear the silence

    but I smell gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Brooklyn's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Shaolin's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Uptown's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Jersey's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    even New Zealand's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Australia's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    Brixton's gunpowder (gunpowder)
    even New Haven's gunpowder
    From The Carnival- Wyclef

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    Cool, thanks. I've been wondering wtf he was talking about for a while now...


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