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    Tien Shan Pai

    Tien Shan Pai Exposed

    Finally the truth about Tien Shan Pai.

    And please stop with the 65th generation stuff there is no 65 generation in Tien Shan Pai. Read Sifu Willy Lin's web site

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    Quote Originally Posted by tienshanwarrior View Post
    Quickfeet, you are rigth as for the year at which TSP might have been brought to Taiwan, remember, that Master Wang Jine Jen moved to Taiwan by 1948-49 and open a school in 1950. Now, as I have stated in Rotten Tomatoes, the story of TSO origins and the mention of the 64th generation was started by Master Wang, and his disciples carried it on. The book on TSP by master Willy Lin mention the legend of Red Cloud and in the China Na books he mention the 64 generation disciples of the p'ai. I'd like to know about Brian's references.

    Its is too bad your sifu doesnt want to share information, my teacher was somewhat similar, he was very reserved about his master and I never heard a word about it from him. We did, however knew that we were training TSP, just the name was shoerten as Tao Li, the full name of it was Tien Shan Pai Li Liang Tao.

    It will be interesting to see the forms that you learnt, maybe you could post a video in this site to compare, what do you think?



    I've been looking forward to any information about the Tien Shan Pai Li Liang Tao also known as Tao Li, as I have been practicing after 5 years already, and I have found nothing but when I googled the whole name of this style it brought me right to this site.

    There is no information about Tao Li, and Tien Shan Pai, brings me to another very different style....just as Quikfeet509, I would like to know if the Tao Li you practice is the same or at least similar the one i've been learning...if it is necesary I can post some videos.

    I have been stuying after my uncle's teaching, who is a black sash in this style, and there is a very long story about kung fu schools and Tien Shan Pai Li Liang Tao, or Tao Li here in Colombia, but I have just met other two masters, who had no students but a red sash....

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