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    Quote Originally Posted by amichaell
    I don't think I'd hang around a place like that. Discipline is necessary to a degree of course. Without it the class would devolve into something resembling a pre-K classroom,


    I spend a lot of time in Pre-K classrooms and those little bastards toe the line or do push-ups. I haven't tried kicking them in the stomach yet. I suspect that doing so would earn me the occasional lawsuit. Discipline is critical, but it is something cultivated through consistency and proper behavior modelling, not corporal punishment.

    The fact that your instructor feels kicking you in the stomach for a minor etiquette infraction is helping you indicates an inferior teaching style, and an underdeveloped personality.

    Get out now.
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    Is this the same as my instructor kicking me in the stomach while I was doing push ups? It really motivated me to push harder.

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    I appreciate all of your responses ....

    I dont mind the discipline or the ritual of this is par for the course in martial arts these days. But if this seems excessive or wacky, I may reconsider.

    The training is good, the techniques seem effective and we are encouraged to do as much sparring as possible in open tournaments in and outside the school.

    thanks ... MA User

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