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    Quote Originally Posted by GarageJudokaSS
    I blocked a friends jab with the point of my elbow in college, and broke two of his fingers. I felt awful. It was just the basic Kali block where you go from a standard hands up boxing guard and rotate your arm up wo your hand is next to your head, and your elbow is pointing straight out from your left eye (for a right punch). Kinda like how you'd block a right hook as you stepped in to counter with a right straight of your own in a regular boxing match.

    I thought at first his glove had "popped" or something because of the sound it made. They were those old red Everlast gloves with the little black band holding the thumb to the glove so you couldn't "touch up cuts" on a guy. Three round amatuer bout, I think they called it a no contest or whatever, but it didnt' really matter considering the result.

    Punching someone's elbow is the be all, end all of how to hurt your hand.

    Been there when I was sparring my brother. Yeah..nasty thing. I like rolling my elbows into side kicks..thats the best.

    Back to the topic gentlemen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSUTKD
    Great forum. One thing to say, if you are not a PROVEN champion in BJJ then STFU. Wining the “local” gym medal does not count. If your teacher is not THE current, or former, champion then WHY do you train with them? The prob with all this MMA/BJJ stuff is that 90% of the participants could never hang in the ring. Practice what you preach. If you are in the top ten in the country then I will listen to you.
    How about the top ten in the country don't count, why aren't you training with a World or Olympic champ?

    Come back when you train in a martial art.

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