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A lot of chi believers would say that the real reason we don't run into people with superpowers in real life is due to the fact that it takes decades of hard work to get these superpowers...
Then there are the other people who have said that people with superpowers are extremely rare and, for some odd reason, are very secretive about it... (except in documentaries of course)
Either way: Bullshit.

If ironpalm is the limit of what the cheesy chi people can offer as proof that people with superpowers do exist, I think we can probably assume that there isn't much to this.
I'm tempted to email all those masters and see what they think about rudy abel (KFDW) telling people that they have superpowers...

If I spent a couple decades figuring out thermo- and pyscho- kinetic powers, when I got them figured out, I would shout it from the rooftops with my chi-enhanced voice.