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I never think of stuff like that as "punishment," it's all part of the game like you said. My cousin would send me letters from Bragg with stuff like "Jarheads Suck!" and "Hooah Go Army!" to me while I was in boot, so naturally they'd go and **** with me even more for that. It's all in the spirit of training, nothing wrong with any of it. Hell, if I'm getting good training, I don't care if the instructor's walking around whacking people with shinais or bokkens or whatever, it's all part of the training in my book. Doesn't make it any more fun to get hit though :glasses1:
Yup, good training will not always feel like Disney land. I do care if the shinai/bokken situation your talking about is abusive instead of training though.

Intent and modeling is really the thing.

If the intent is training and it fits in the model that the school presents, then fine.

If the instructor is just getting a power trip from it, or targeting certain people because of race, creed, religion, gender....then it is abusive and wrong.

Just like anything else, it is intent that makes the difference.