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Thread: Gi and No-gi

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    Gi and No-gi

    I've seen the infamous gi vs no-gi issue come up in several recent grappling threads, so it got me wondering...

    How much gi or no-gi training do you or your school currently do?

    This poll is intended for anyone who takes judo, folkstyle/freestyle and Greco wrestling, submission wrestling, Shooto, Catch, MMA/NHB, BJJ, JJJ, Hapkido, Wu Style TCC or anything that involves grappling with someone. Any samboists in the audience, please humor me and allow your kurtka to be considered a "gi".

    I'm not so much interesting in reviving the epic "GI SUXXORS!" "NO, GI ROXXORS!" debates as much as I'm just wondering how my fellow Bullshidoka train.

    I'm aware that other situations exist which don't fall into these "gi or no-gi" categories very well, such as training BJJ for self defense in what resembles normal clothes so people can still grab material, but you don't wear a traditional gi nor spandex shorts. If your training doesn't fall into any of the gi or no-gi slots, the "Other (explain below)" is for you, and let us know how you train instead.

    As for myself, I currently train in the gi about 80% of the time (4 out of 5 classes per week). My school also only offers no-gi classes one day per week.

    I enjoy training both, so I'm not picky for one over the other. I also find training in one helps me do well in the other, since they are different enough to make me try new things, but similar enough to make many skills from one add to the other. Most people at my school are of a similar opinion.

    Some people only come to no-gi classes. They seem to be those that come from wrestling backgrounds, those who don't like the gi because of previous TMA experience, or those training for MMA. A unique case is a purple belt who trains only no-gi now because his fingers are damaged from years gripping the gi.

    A few people only come to gi classes. This usually doesn't last long, but it tends to be newer people still uncomfortable grappling, especially women.
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    No gi on some takedown days(excluding pants, but just because they're comfy and good to workout in).

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    Moslty gi. The whole "no gi prepares you for teh str33t" argument is retarded, because where Im from people wear clothes. But no gi is great too. I want to start doing mostly no gi because that prepares you for the ring.

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    lately all gi. but ive want to go back to no gi.

    where you been Aesopian.
    Eduardo "Why'd you stop."

    Me "I was kicked in the head by the guys sparring next to me."

    Eduardo "Ino what happened but i didnt say you could stop."

    Me "Um.. I guess I keep going."

    Eduardo "You dont stop until i say stop, you dont get tired until i say your tired, keep going."

    Originally posted by Ralek
    My cousin gave me some tapes of him doing tkd. I learned from those tapes. When I beat up an Akido instructor, and made him take rest breaks, I used TKD. I learned Bjj from watching ufc and pride and then I copied them and wrestled my cousin for practice. I choked him out and he tapped.

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    Two weeks out with the flu. I'll be at class tonight, but I'm out the rest of the week visiting family. I might train some down in Gracie Barra Miami or the Machado school down there.

    Last weekend, I made a point of looking at a bunch of people in public places to see if gi or no-gi training would work better on them, you know, if I wanted to randomly tackle people. I concluded that both would be very useful, and that the "OMG NO-GI IS FOR THE STREAT!" argument is retarded. Anyone wearing clothes (as people tend to do in public) can be controlled with "gi techniques", especially now that people are wearing pants and jackets for winter. I also assume you are wearing clothes too. Conversely, living in Florida, it's not too unreasonable to assume you'll be around people in swimsuits and board shorts, so no-gi obviously has it's uses too.

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    All no gi. I wish we had an option of atleast some gi training, but it's not there.

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    Stephan Kesting has a good article titled To Gi or not to Gi that has some great commentary on the gi vs no-gi debate. The most revelent point of the article, within the scope of this thead, is probably this:
    Spending at least 5 to 10% of your training time outside your comfort zone (i.e. on the other side of the gi vs. no-gi debate) is important for developing self-defense skills and becoming a well-rounded martial grappler.
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    I answered for my school and not me.

    School has seperate classes for BJJ (all kimono) and CSW (no gi) so I answered 50/50.

    Since my only grappling is in the BJJ class, my answer would be ALL gi.

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    MMA, No-Gi Grappling
    All no gi... but we are doing all Submisison Wrestling and MMA

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    Judo - all gi. I've never trained no-gi.
    You're just JEALOUS!

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