A coule of my friends and I were looking for some thing to do in Grand Junction to pass the time (and geting drunk was getting too expensive), so we tried out some martial art schools. Their was a boxing gym their, that was closed for all that we could tell (my friend is a boxer, so we just bought some gloves off e-bay and go at it in the park), and a Karate School, I watched one of their beggining classes. Mabey write a review on that later, not much to say about it. Then their was the Desrt High Martal Arts, it is a MMA gym; kind of. They do MT and Ju Jutsu, weaponds and have a kids class.... :confused1 Once a year they have fights in a hotel that the public can watch. Never been to one but have heard good things about it, they are 7 kick boxing fights, and 7 MMA fights. The "gym" is located in the mall (only one for about 100 miles), and rents out some space to the Judo club. The club has been around since 1976 I think (well, some time in the 70's). I ended up going for two months, twice a week; on thursday (adult class) and saturday(kids class) beacues I had school on tuesday.

The Review:
We have about 50 sq feet of floor covered with mats avable to, along with punching bags, kicking shields, and a 6" deep mat to be thrown on. Their are about five uniforms (all different size) for new people to try. I got to use one (beacuse i could not afford a uniform) for my entire stay. It is encouraged that adults come to the kids class to help out and it is easer to get help after class on a staturday then weekday.

Class starts with about 15-25 mintues of warm up, starting with running in a circle, then stretching, then doing shrims, gi joes, and spider mans. 10-15 minutes working on throwes/sweeps, with stand up Randori. Next 10-15 minutes is ground work drills. The last minutes of class is spend doing pushups/sit ups/crucnes/ or some kind of exercise to stengthen the body (class usually goes over time). We bow out, and after class the mat is open for Randori or what ever you need to work on for as long as you can stay. Once during the kids class we did kicks and punches aginst the kicking shield. They were Thi style kicks.

Everyone is nice and helpful, and it is a much more relaxed enviroment than I am use to being in. People talk during warm up and stretches while they were sitting down, etc. in my TKD school, you would be doing pushups for not rasing your hand. All of the instructors are well trained with 26 years being the most in Judo and 6 being the lest of the black belts.

Their are four BB their and they are all instructors. They are all 200+ lbs, and in shape, meaning my 135 lbs 6' ass gets bitch slaped quite easley. The weakest part of the club comes from the instructors, they are helpful and kind and good teachers, but showing up seems to be a problem. One of them has another club in Vail that he is at for a coule months at a time. Another is a police officer with a familey and has a hard time getting to class. I dont know what the other two's issues are, but Tuesday night for the last month we always joined with the JJ class beacuse we did not have an instructor. We were told about this about two weeks in advance. I personley did not find this to be a problem, but some others did beacuse they were traning for a Judo tournament and we were doing no Gi stuff. The entire time I was their they only did not show up to two classes and one of them we knew about.

I watched two white belts test , and a brown test for 2rd dan brown (or what ever Judo rank that was). It lasts for two classes, with the first class being the vocab/throwing technique/ ground technique. The second class was all Randori. One white belt got his orange beacuse he knew up to that level on our sybius and his 230lbs of musle helped him on the Randori part. The other white belt got his yellow, and the brown got his 3rd dan (sorry, still new to this). I was supost to test for yellow before I left, but I did not feel solid enought about the techniques or my Randori to test. Still a white belt :crybaby2:

Over all impression:
I was happy with it. It may be a little expensive at $65 a month, but that is what they need to keep the club running (North Glen Judo charges $13 a month). Not only did I get Judo, but i got some Ju Jitsu for free. Leared some no Gi stuff, that was cool. It was defently more of a Club than an auctual class with how loose every one was and the instructors some times not showing up for class. I will return next semester and continue Judo hopfully being able to hit all three classes.