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    Seagal Fights Lawsuit


    LATEST: Martial arts movie star STEVEN SEAGAL is fighting back after being sued for allegedly delaying the production of two action movies - by countersuing the production team.

    The EXIT WOUNDS actor has been accused of arriving late to film sets, and then leaving early, as well as interfering with scripts and movie crews while shooting TODAY YOU DIE and MERCENARY by producers at NU IMAGE, INC and KILL MASTER PRODUCTIONS.

    But Seagal is disputing the $14 million (GBP7.4 million) lawsuit, insisting he's the one who has been wronged.

    His attorneys have filed a fraud and breach of contract lawsuit against the producers, claiming the actor is owed $835,000 (GBP439,500) for his services.

    Seagal claims producers fabricated their claims against him to avoid paying him what he's owed.

    13/06/2005 02:37

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    Man, how hilarious. The .swf that the image came from was pretty good as well.

    I dunno...I'm having trouble believing a fat aikidoka who at the time didn't know who Gene Lebell was.
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    Yeah, I've been meaning to swipe them and host them here. (Giving full credit to the creator, of course).

    Anyone have a url?

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    I've seen Seagal's last few movies, horrible. When he's got a budget to work with, such as 'Exit Wounds,' they can be pretty entertaining. But the 'B' films have got to stop. Let's be honest folks, the real star of Exit Wounds was Anthony Anderson. Same goes for Romeo Must Die, Jet Li was in reality the co-star.

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    I recently watched Submerged with Seagal. It was a fucking waste of time. The strangest thing was that for large parts of the dialouge Steven seems dubbed over with another mans voice. Whats up with that?

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    Doesn't he count his blessings

    :5geezer: He needs to realize that hes not very interesting or that great an actor. He needs to be greatful for having work at all. :glasses1:

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    Steven Seagals is Hollywood's biggest bullshido master and I'm suprised you guys haven't noticed this earlier. He has spread so much bullshit in the course of his career:

    1. He claims to be have trained under the Aikido founder sensei Ueshiba when he wasn't even in Japan during the time Ueshiba was alive.

    2. Claims to have fought Yakuza while he lived in Japan(was proven false by his Japanese ex-wife,Miyako Fujitani)

    3. Made up stories about being in the CIA which resulted in a lawsuit against him by an actual CIA agent, Michael Ovitz, for plagiarizing his story

    4. He even faked his past and his own heritage claiming he was an Italian-American youth growing in the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York. This was proven false by his own mother(Steven is actual half-Jewish and half-Irish)

    I read the whole thing on crimelibrary.com. Turns out he once got in trouble with the mob(he got involved by meeting up with some mob connected bussinessman, Jules Nasso which got him in a heap load of trouble) because of his refusal to do films since he's a high and mighty tulku(a Lama incarnate) he felt forbidden to do violent films.
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