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I'm sick and tired of hearing these piss weak excuses from internal martial artisits who say why their martial art is too deadly for competition. It's all nonsense. Your full contact competition styles like Muya Thai,Kyokushin ( other styles of karate),boxing,wrestling,Judo produce the best fighters. These styles involve stepping on the mat or into the ring with someone who is REALY trying to hurt you. Now that sounds like a good way to test your skills under pressure. How is that a bad thing for combat training ?

The IMA people say their art is not for competition. But I think its because they don't want to look foolish and beaten by people who take martial arts training seriously. They can't compete. Thats the key issue here. They have neither the mind set nor the conditioining.The fact is that competition breeds excellence and martial artists who train in competitive arts are always willing to put to the test what they preech. They don't try to hide behind excuses.

Now as for this business about eye strikes ? Ah man, its not the trump card people believe it is. First of all eye strikes/groin kicks are a two way street. BOTH fighters can use them. Secondly if you think you can outclass a conditioned fighter simply because you know a couple of these 'cute' tricks then your fooling yourself.

There...thats my rant. Sorry I went on and on but I just see red everytime these fatass TMA types put **** on competition styles. If competition is not for them. Thats okay. Fine. But they have no business putting down others when they cannot do better themselves.
Exactly. It's dumb, the people who say their art is not for competition. Dong Haichuan, Yang Luchan, Huo Yuanjia anyone? (Masters who lived like 100 years ago).

IMAs need to get their stuff together and actually fight.