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    I went to a MMA seminar yesterday, run by Robert Ferguson, the subject of one of Peedee Shaolin's articles here. I haven't really followed the guy's career that closely, so I can't give you any opinions based on those points of view, but apparently there are more than a few people that can't stand the guy.

    The class was small, there were less than 10 people in the dojo. All of the people there (except me) were from Steve Crawford's Combat Jiujitsu and Central Plains Wrestling. A couple of them even had their championship belts. As I understand it (I just moved out here), it's a local grappling/pro wrestling promotion. Fergie was helpful, and even amiable. We started off with a standing clench drill that I was unfamiliar with, and so he partnered with me to demonstrate. After that, we worked on passing the guard, and half guard.

    Fergie had problems passing the half guard of a JJ black belt that was there, but easily reversed him when he was mounted. He also showed us a pretty good choke, that if you can actually sink it, it's pretty nasty.

    The high point of the seminar was not Fergie himself, but when one of the guys demonstrated how he can just stand up with someone from the north-south position and spike him on his head. The guy was about 260, and his partner was around 220, so it was pretty impressive.

    All in all, I didn't mind spending the money to go. The guys at the dojo were all pretty cool, and I liked the school. I found out a bit more about them and they teach submission wrestling/JJ stickfighting, knife fighting, boxing, and kickboxing combined as American Combat JJ.

    I'm going to list them in Legit Schools, because I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

    I should have the pictures developed of me and Fergie, by Friday.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Congratulations on finding Ferguson and his seminar educating. The biggest and most legitamate(sp?) gripe against Robert is his uncanny ability to promote himself as top dog in a given category. Most people that don't like him have never even met the guy and I think that's wrong. On the other hand many people who have met him belong in two different categories: a. you were really impressed and really like the guy (also fall for Jedi mind tricks **jk), or b. think he's full of ****. I don't like him because I've caught him in too many lies or false promotions. This is not to say that Ferguson doesn't know what he's doing or knows people that know what they're doing. I believe that Mr. Ferguson is trying to find his nitch in the martial arts community but has gon about it all in the wrong manner.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Definitely a smack talker that Feruson is. Pisses everyone off at some time or other.


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