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Thread: Robson Pereira?

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    I noticed that this thread is seven years old. This Pereira guy certainly would have had the time to develop his skills from what they were back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor55 View Post
    Sorry to bump an older thread, but I felt compelled, because it was a top result on Robson when I was researching his gym (it's local to the area I just moved). I consider myself a pretty experienced bjj practitioner, having been training on and off for 8 years, (Gracie purple belt).
    I visited Robsons gym this past week in my quest to find a good local gym and I must say he is a very good teacher, his style is more aggressive then most places I've trained at and that may turn some people off but it works, and most of his students are very good.
    Also he currently has a younger guy as a catch wrestling coach who's one of the best natural grapplers I've seen, and a very good teacher, I enjoyed his class and learned a few tricks I didn't previously know.

    So while I know their are some questions about his (Robsons) lineage he is endorsed by multiple legitimate Black Belts so his black belt IS technically legitimate. And I can attest he knows what he's talking about and is a good teacher, and his students are good and many have won grappling tournaments, hence I can confidently say that if you're in the area his gym is worth training at.

    I hope this helps clear up some of the controversy.
    So the same guy writes the exact same thing in two Robison Pereira posts- the only two post he has ever bothered to write- and never responds to my question about who he got his purple belt from.

    Seriously Robson, try to leave a few more posts in other threads- you know, muddy the waters a little bit- before anonymously defending yourself.

    It's so Scott Adams of you.

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    Don't look now but from his site, it would appear that Prof. Pereira has ammassed a pretty impressive mma record in recent years. 9-1 ammy 4-0 pro! Strange though how both and sherdog fail to list any of those 14 bouts on the official fighter records pages. Those guys really have to clean up their act and get their record keeping straightened out.

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