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About half way down the page is a statement about Bok Fu Do written by GM Lee. Hopefully, it will answer most of your questions. It's just a small part of the whole page, which also answers where, when and why the "Do" was added to Bok Fu. It is also a comprehensive history of the system and where it came from.

The black belts that I produced after 1972 were the first Bok-Fu black belts. Many of them went into the martial arts business and opened schools under me. Some are still active today. But in the early 1980’s I stepped back from the martial arts business to reflect. The black belts that had been with me inherited the schools they were running and I kept only the Walnut Creek location to operate out of. I remained active in working with the various staff from different schools and held tournaments as much as four times per year. The staff competed against the staff and the students against the students from the various East-West locations. At the time there were eight schools teaching Bok-Fu.

Over time the heads of the various schools went their own ways. None are still involved with me in anyway and have not been since the early 1980’s. I have recognized those still in the business with appropriate rank but their path is their own. Most if not all have changed the name of their school from East-West to something more personalized. Most if not all have produced their own black belts, some of which I have met and some I have not. I claim no responsibility in developing, testing, or approving/disapproving any of their ranks. That is their own success to enjoy and as such they, along with their teacher, deserve all the credit.

There are undoubtedly many “sister” schools in existence teaching Bok-Fu. I taught thousands if not hundreds of thousands of students prior to 1980. Since 1986, however, my involvement has been strictly with the Alamo East-West Kung-Fu School, run by Master John Buckley and the K.O. Kung Fu School, run by Master John Ozuna. Again, I claim no responsibility for any school teaching Bok-Fu or any sister school teaching Bok-Fu and/or any variation or combination thereof. Any and all business endeavors in opening or closing a location or methods of operation were done without my consultation and remain, whether known or unknown to me, individual entities not associated in anyway, shape, or form with me or Bok-Fu-Do. I would never attempt to take the credit for any black belt student that was trained and developed by a black belt of mine no longer studying with me.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to toss any questions you may have my way. I'll do what I can to answer them.