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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Zarella
    The research i have done points to Count Dante being a bit of a ****-up. For example if your going to firebomb a dojo it's probably a good idea to remain sober on that fateful night his whole crew was sauced and that's probably why 1 of them was killed.

    Now i dont know about this all out for 10 seconds BS??? Hell i go all out until i tire and gass so this Dance of Death is probably bullshido sure sounds like it anyway!

    Ashida hasnt banned me yet although when i tried to start a new thread yesterday I couldnt... im being very understanding over there so really I cant see why he'd ban me anyway. He knows that damn challenge was accepted so im not going to keep rubbing salt in his wound.

    My goal is to show his board members viable MA styles hopefully im allowed to start a thread on it, although that seems unlikely because i think he's worried that im trying to convert his remaining disciples.

    anyway good work Sam on the research been a pleasure reading what you have uncovered so far!

    The night Dante tried to "firebomb a dojo" And the night his friend Jim were killed are two totally different nights in two totally different years. You can read all about both situation in various publications and newspapers including Black Belt Magazine. Many articles about Dante's indiscretions have been written by Dante himself. Read his and others credible material on this stuff before you succumb to vicious Internet rumours.

    And yes, the Dance of Death can be performed in under 10 seconds, I have seen it done many times. Unlike Ashida however, the BDFS does it correctly. By the way, there is a lot more to the BDFS than just the Dance of Death.


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    hi John;

    My name is Samuel Browning and I'm looking into Ashida Kim's real name and background. I understand the BDFS threatened to sue him at one time for copyright infringment.

    if the BDFS has any information on Kim aka Radford Davis I would appreciate it if you could help me. Please send me a private message by clicking on my name and chosing that option.

    thank you for your time.

    Samuel Browning

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