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    Who Needs to Eat Right and Exercise, Obesity is a Disease!?

    Obesity Needs To Be Treated as a Disease

    By Patricia Reaney

    ATHENS (Reuters) - Obesity, which already affects more than 300 million people and an alarming number of children, must be recognized and treated as a disease with deadly complications, a leading expert said on Wednesday.

    Up to 8 percent of total healthcare costs in some Western countries are attributable to obesity and related problems. It is a leading cause of preventable death -- so shedding excess weight is not just about looking good.

    "Obesity is not an aesthetic problem. It is a very complex problem tightly connected to diabetes, atherosclerosis (blocked arteries) and other major health problems and causes of death," Professor Constantine Tsigos, chairman of the 14th European Congress on Obesity, told Reuters ahead of the meeting.

    "It has to be treated and confronted seriously."

    The four-day congress with 2,000 experts from 80 countries will focus on all aspects of obesity. But much of it will be devoted to its consequences, which include cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, depression and some cancers.

    "The emphasis has been put on the complications to increase the awareness of obesity as a disease and a serious condition with many risks associated with it," said Tsigos.


    Despite a better understanding of the causes of obesity, a multi-billion dollar diet industry and countless weight-loss programs and gadgets, the number of overweight and obese people is rising at an astounding rate.

    In European countries, rates have soared by 10-50 percent in the last decade. In Japan, it has doubled since 1982 and in the United States the percentage of young overweight people has tripled in 25 years.

    Tsigos stressed that prevention efforts must be geared to the young because excess weight in children is linked to early markers for metabolic syndrome -- a collection of health risks that increase the odds of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

    The symptoms include a large waistline or "beer belly," high blood pressure, raised insulin levels, excess body weight and abnormal cholesterol levels. If someone has three or more symptoms they have the syndrome.

    "We should target childhood and adolescents for prevention and treatment as early and as aggressive as we can," he said.

    Awareness of the problem has increased but he said some doctors still consider obesity as more of an aesthetic problem.

    Two anti-obesity drugs, Roche Holding AG's Xenical and Meridia, made by Abbott Laboratories, are already available and more treatments are in the pipeline.

    Sanofi-Aventis has submitted its anti-obesity drug Acomplia for marketing approval with U.S. and European health authorities. It could be launched early next year.

    A vaccine to help people shed excess pounds, made by Switzerland's Cytos Biotechnology, is in early trials.

    Tsigos said treatments are not only aimed at improving weight loss but achieving benefits such as reduced blood pressure, better insulin sensitivity and improved well being.

    "This will make therapy for obesity more widely acceptable and probably even justified by insurances -- if we can prove the benefits are not simple weight loss," he added


    Believe it or not, the health costs associated with obesity are literally DOUBLE those associated with smoking. In America, direct smoking-related costs are about $52 billion, while direct obesity-related costs are about $106 billion.

    Let's recap: a 5'9 person would have to weigh 200lbs in order to be considered obese, meaning about 30lbs over the high range of "normal BMI." Lets not get into an argument about BMI, because its a good "rough" system.

    This expert talks about obesity being bound up with diabetes, artery problems, and other major health concerns. This isn't a correlation; this is a cause-and-effect. Another health consequence associated with obesity is arthritic joints. However, old people don't start ballooning when their joints start to go; they go if they start ballooning. The diabetes in question comes from the obesity, not vice-versa.

    Indeed, a person who is obese will need serious treatment to minimize the fallout. But if they never reach that point in the first place (primary prevention), secondary prevention efforts would be unnecessary except in rare cases.

    When the hell did we get to the point where people had to be vaccinated against obesity?
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    Ahhh it makes sense now... and fat people arent lazy they are exercise-a-phobic and obesity isnt dietry related fat people are just food-ophiles... see it is a disease...

    Granted there are a (very) few cases where it is some congenital thing... but most cases of fat people-itis can be cured with a good dose of "get off your arse" coupled with "stop eating ****"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowdh
    but most cases of fat people-itis can be cured with a good dose of "get off your arse" coupled with "stop eating ****"...
    :hello: The old, time honored, obesity drugs... diet and exercise.
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    I have faith that the CDC will be able to track down the source of the deadly Obesity Virus and put an end to this terrible epidemic once and for all.

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    Fat people make a very satisfying THUD when they fall.

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    I hate the whole mentality. It's an insult to everyone who would be fat if not for dedication, work and willpower. I used to weigh 230. I now weigh 185. I can't eat most of the things I love, and I have to work out 4-5 days a week. When everyone else is eating pizza and drinking beer, I'm eating grilled chicken with a diet soda. I don't need people to feel sorry for me so I can feel OK about eating crap. I need to not eat crap. My whole family struggles with weight, and it's never occurred to any of us to call it a disease.

    And these lazy fucks (barring those with legitimate issues, thyroid, pituitary, metabolic, etc) are going to try to tell me I have a DISEASE?!?!

    **** them and their lazy fat asses. Just because it's more difficult for you than someone else, doesn't mean you have a disease. It means you have to work harder.
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    There is a guy who trained Saturday who looks like me. Just average Joe. Maybe 180lbs? Said he used to weigh 320lbs. I called Shenanigans. Til he showed me his drivers lisence. Whoa. Fatty. Excersize and activity along with diet changes.

    Obesity is a disease now? I see... Maybe a 'new' market for the pharaceutical companies. We treat diseases with medicine, right? And the trend in modern medicine is prescription drugs. Just what we need.

    I KNOW some obesity is simple genetics. But the overwhelming majority of fatties are fat because they allow themselves to be. A lazy lifestyle and bad eatting habits contribute more to this 'disease' than any genetics.

    Let me tell you a story. A story right from the heart. In fact...right from the cubicle next to me!

    Fatty Rich. They moved him from another location (part of town) into our offices citing lack of space. It became quite clear why they moved him. Because he is annoying fatbody. He is about 100lbs overweight. To the point that he cruises around in a wheelchair. More on that later though. Fatty Rich is lazy. Now I KNOW lazy...because *I* am lazy. And we can smell our own. But Rich takes it to another level. Wheras I sit here typing on the message boards at work, he simply stares at a computer screen or talks to the few people who can stand him on the phone. He eats junk food, and drinks sodas all day at work. And complains. Complains endlessly about the company, his bosses, his station in life and why he isnt promoted. He wont fill out his own time, as everyone else does, because as he states you don't have a racehorse do the work of a mule. Fatty Rich is a racehorse. Snort snort snort crunch crunch snort snort. That is what I hear all day long.

    Well Fatty Rich is about 50 years old now I figure. Probably been abusing his body for 30 years. He doesn't have that 'I was fat at birth' look about him. No. He has that worn down, I stretched my skin out and go too fat to sit in a chair over time. It took some real work to get into this medically dangerous state. One can only imagine how much medication he takes.

    But here is the kicker. This is what REALLLLY pisses me off about Fatty Rich. He is like that Homer Simpson episode where Homer tries to get on disability by eatting himself into medical obesity so he can work from home. No ****. That is what Fatty Rich is trying to do. I hear him on the phone talking about trying to get them to let him work from home. A few weeks ago he got himself a wheelchair, so he can bang into the cubicle walls as he tries to move around. He was wobbling just fine a month ago. But I heard him saying on the phone that if the hallways arent wide enough it will be an excuse for him to work at home. Work. Yeah right. Fatty Rich is lookin for a free ride. He makes me sick. He is the epitome of lazy fat guys everywhere. I can only imagine the medical liability of this guy in a couple of years. Probably going to cost in the millions as diabetes and whatnot destroy him. All because he is lazy. And that of course won't be *HIS* fault. Oh's a disease after all. A disease can remove all personal responsibility from him. You know diseases just creep up on ya and WHAM yer fat!

    God damn Fatty Rich makes me sick. And everytime I see some whale cruising along on a mobie, or pinned between the steeringwheel and the seat of their minivan I think to myself, WTF have you done to yourself!?!?!

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    Damn dude.

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    Hey, guys I keep losing weight. Must be that exercise* and clean diet**.

    **Mostly clean.
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    There are far too many fat people in the US for *everyone* to have a medical condition.

    The fact of the matter is, we eat way too much. I learned in a public health class that many Americans are eating 3,500 calories a day. With that kind of caloric intake, it's no wonder there are so many fat people.

    So, whatever people want to say about "lack of sensitivity" and how most fat people somehow can't help it, the fact is they can, because they could stop being fat by not eating 3,500 calories a day.

    I think part of it also has to do with people not understanding exercise, as well. If I go to a big mainstream gym in any part of the US the vast majority of people are not working out hard. You see people doing like 2 or 3 weight blocks on the nautilus machines, you see people casually trotting on the treadmills while they listen to a discman or read a magazine, or you see people show up and do only yoga.

    These people don't understand that that isn't really exercise. Most people don't have the concept of pushing themselves to the point of muscle failure when doing weights, pushing yourself to utter exhaustion and then giving 20% more on the treadmill, or any of the things that you'd think would be basic to building up your body.

    And there's really no expectation that people would make this shift. In a mainstream gym you never find a real kickboxing class; it's always demented cardio kickboxing where you're throwing punches in a line like in a krotty class. There's no interval training, no bag work, nothing beyond absolutely minimal conditioning. In most gyms, they have TV screens set up so you can zone out while going on the treadmill. Thing is, if you can zone out on the treadmill and catch up on TV, you're probably not pushing yourself hard enough. The TV screens are in fact misinformation for the average ignorant gym-goer.

    Oh, god, and you know what really pisses me off? When I see someone work with a trainer, but they complain whenever the trainer asks them to do something that is hard for them. Fundamentally, they don't understand that they should be slamming their head repeatedly against their limits until those limits raise. Exercise shouldn't be easy and comfortable, and it's comically absurd to whine when your trainer asks you to do more crunches in less time. These people just don't get it!

    Rant over.
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