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    Calisthenics routine

    Here is my calisthenics routine:

    3xsets of 40-45 pushups
    3xsets of 10 bridges
    3xsets of oblique curls

    I try to do it every day I'm not at the gym.

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    I'd throw in some bodyweight squats too. You ever read Combat Conditioning Just do the Royal Court and throw some ab exercises in there, you'll be golden.

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    You might want to consider throwing in pull-ups/dips (plus the squats already mentioned). Good general routine.

    The only other tweak I'd consider adding is a pyramid routine, using all the exercises at each level of the pyramid; rest occurs between steps of the pyramid. The one I used was a 1-10-1 pyramid; x4 pushups, x6 situps, x1 pullups, x4 squats, x2 dips. You go in sequence from 1 to 10 and then back down from the top. The multiplication thingie means that (say at level 2) you'd do 8 pushups, 12 situps, 2 pullups, 8 squats, and 4 dips. You see where this is going. Total routine takes about an hour, if you're really cruising.

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