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    Regarding the OP, don't get too upset about someone talking about a prodcut for a couple minutes before hitting you with the price. When you're selling something relatively expensive and with no clear dollar value, it's pretty normal to have a short spiel before the price.

    It's more than I'd pay, that's for sure, but I think you're making a lot out of something largely irrelevant.
    "[Fighting for Points] is doubtless very pretty, and invariably draws applause, but preferences should always be given to blows that do some business, to good straight hits that do something toward finishing the fight.
    A man who has carefully trained for brilliant tapping play, will find himself considerably out of it in case he is called upon to do any real work."
    -A.J. Newton, Boxing.

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    Both you dolts realize this thread is 2yrs old, right?
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    Oddly enough, I've been looking at moving and have been calling around to different places near the area I'm moving. I've heard some weird things, such as no sparing until approved by the instructor, technique only classes, Gracie Jiujitsu for the street, etc.

    Its so hard to find what I want, I don't want to learn bjj for the street, I don't want hours of no sparing and just drills, I just want to go somewhere 3 times a week, drill for 15-45 minutes, and spar for 45 minutes and focus on winning competitions. Then I want to throw mma gloves on and do drills for 15-25 minutes, and spar for 15-25 minutes, and inbetween I want to do exercises and drills that build strength and endurance.

    Sounds simple, but its freaking hard to find.

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