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    I used to work for and teach for one of the most successfull and commercial martial arts schools in the country. The school grossed more a month than any of youm would ever believe.

    It was NOt a McDojo. It is currently cleaning up the local Muay Thai scene and doing very well on the submission grappling scene as well.

    It has produced bare knuckle champions and even competitiors that foght in the Extreme Fighting Championship.

    I just submitted the first part of an article to see if we can pin down EXACTLY what a McDojo is.

    It s NOT having good business practice.

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    9chambers Said,

    You sound like a thoughtful teacher and I have always been impressed with the Kung Fu studensts that I have seen. I think your points are valid. I agree that standing in a low horse stance can be a lot of work. Kung Fu is a lot more athletic than ATA TKD.

    Thank you. It's hard though as I realy want to teach one way, but experiance has taught me that I won't be able to keep the doors open if I did. That is why I structured my curricluem so those who get bit by the hard core bug can seamlesslly shift to that type of training at any point in the curriculem.

    >>The fact that you are on here debating and researching the opinions of others is a good sign that you care about being a good teacher.

    You aren't the kind of instructor that people consider a McDojo instructor. I hope you realize that I was never talking about you in particular. I was just saying that there are better workouts than what SOME dojos or even kwoons provide.
    I understand, but opinions here are often made in wide scale blanket ways to the point wher entire STYLES are labled McDojos when it is in fact a matter of poor teching ability and not style related. I figured giving the details of training methods used by both mainstream courses and traditional Kung Fu might help aleviate that wide scale sterio type.

    >>Those classes can't hide behind the "fitness" label. If those schools aren't fitness or self-defense or battle schools then they are social clubs - and that is fine as long as they don't pretend to be what they aren't.
    Actually, ad GOOD school should be all of those things rolled into one.

    >>Here is an article that I wrote a while back. You can post it on your forum.

    Also, if you haven't already, you might like to visit:

    I posted a link to that artical on my Kung Fu forum. When I have time I may put a link to it on the main page as well. It was realy well written.

    Thank you for letting me use it.

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