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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin.74
    I have lived and trained in China and have travelled extensively throughout the country. I have met many Kung Fu teachers there and not one had any issue with me asking about their backgrounds. In most cases, as soon as they found out I trained MA, they would provide me with information before I would even ask for it.

    The same holds true in China that holds true in the U.S. If the teacher is unwilling to tell you about his training and experience it's not because you don't have a right to know or he's ultra traditional in his teachings, it's probably because his background is dodgy and his claims cannot be verified.

    Don't pull the "You don't know China card" on this board, because there are several of us around here who do.
    See he knows American Chinese culture. We all know much of that culture was perverted.

    What he is saying is true from a fraudulent perspective.
    This is why I made the above statement. He is going off the BB Magazine bullshit and articles from back in the day. All the crappy **** many of us believed.

    1) Don't question Sifu.
    2) Don't question linage.
    3) Don't question techniques.
    4) Don't question the art.

    Yet, no one can provide EVIDENCE that this is true anywhere except in America and other countries that believe that bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kegdrainer
    No, you guys are all going off on wild tangents that have nothing to do with anything that the analogy meant. When has sifu dave talked about money?
    I have asked before for you to come up with one person who says that Dave took money from them and they felt ripped off, you have failed in this, but keep talking about Sifu dave asking for money for teachings.
    By the way, I asked him about Greg (morechi) who posted way back in this thread...Dave says he is currently training in NYC under Shifu Shi Yan Ming under Dave's advice. Dave talked about Shi Yan Ming like he knew him personally.
    actuelly my dad paid to see him catch arrows, he felt ripped off cuz he could tall that one, the arrows are going very slow compaired to arrows for hunting, and two they didnt have any power behind them. so he flet ripped off a little. he still thought it was kinda cool though

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