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    Nice post Kingslei...hope you stick seem to have the right attitude and a sense of humor...prison buddy. =P

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    I'm curious what is on those web pages as my work server won't let me view them.

    Sounds like the confusion was that people thought Sosai had made him an honorary Shihan, whereas it was an honorary shodan. But, like he said, 3 years with Bobby Lowe and then doing well in a tournament and going to a three month seminar sounds pretty good for getting a genuine shodan for the 1970's - we train hard now, but they were real animals with their training before the "don't kick im in the nuts or punch him in the face, hes your mate" era.

    Sean Connery has an honorary shodan (purely honorary) and I think John Howard, the obnoxious git who is bending over for Dubya at the moment got an honorary sandan.
    Sociopaths are people too.

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    I met one of the guys from WMAC at a sporting goods trade show, uhh, i don't remember his name or his show name or anything. A real thin, and wiry black guy. Seemed like a nice guy. Other than that, no idea. Wasn't that a kid's show?

    I mean, it's representative of exactly what wrong with popular perceptions of what skilled combat is. A guys gotta make a living and I can't say I'd ever turn down the opportunity... but after doing a show like that your credibility in the serious MA world is gonna be shot. I don't think I'd even tell anyone about that. I'm sure these guys were at one point in great shape and I'm sure quite a few of them great fighters, but still... people are going to squint a little bit when that's included in their resume'.
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    G'day all,

    Hope it helped in some way. Yeah he's a funny bloke sometimes but it was his daughter I married. I respect him at times, then, well guess I don't want to get quoted.

    But he does know his $%&. We are training for hopefully a female MA role for Melanie. She can't train as hard anymore due to Elhers Danlos Syndrome. She has started acting and modeling full time so any casting directors out there, Pass the word !

    We don't care who drools over internet pictures, we were the ones who bloody put them there in the first place. She uses discretion over which pictures we release as I do all the photography, talk about the best job in the world. Then I have to edit hundreds of pix for web and print, zoomed right in making sure there are no defects. Drool over the thought of that ! It will always be me she goes home with mate.

    Learning this biz as we go I would put WMAC Masters on my acting resume only for certain roles or casting calls. Serious stuff Iím with you, leave it off !

    Well gotta get back at it cheers to you all.

    No worries,


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    I have some questions about Koden Kan Karate. Well atleast the questions regarding history of Koden Kan in Placerville, Ca.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro Nobones
    Does anyone actually remember WMAC Masters?

    I was Power Ranger-ism of the lowest caliber.
    I remember it briefly. It was point sparring with a video-game presentation. Still better than the wimpy Kamen Rider with the furby and alien instead of the Japanese badass.

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