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    The whole point of trolling is to get a rise out of people. If you deny them that for a couple weeks, they will leave. It's as simple as that.

    Now, that will get rid of your trolls, but in general I think trolls should be more strictly regulated. IP bands will go a long way, since most trolls will have broadband connections with static IP addresses (they are internet addicts after all).

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    The amount of howling from people when we do anything (in my humble experience) has prompted me to have you lot act like grown-ups on your own. But if people want more control (which, I have to say I don't want) then, fine, let's have it.

    But how about not getting sucked into stupid arguments with people, becoming nasty and mean yourself -- then complaining that the trolls rule the board.

    I actually think there is a huge lack of trolls around here, for a combative, in your face martial arts board.

    (board breaks with a kick)
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    I give up. I can't get my point made, and I have been a super gentle man in the face of some world class assholes You guys and gals obviously know better. Best to all and as the young ones ay now-a-days, Out.

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    You should be commended on that DRD, but you should realize that by responding to the trolls, you only encourage them.

    Also you should know that by leaving, the trolls have beaten you.

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    KC Elbows
    After every banning, the mods get flak.

    During every argument, the mods get flak.

    Here's an idea. Don't follow the trolls, and PM me with complaints against specific members.

    More mods will not solve the problem. As for checking ips, we've been doing that for months, ip's can be deceptive, as one member can have several, and one troll can change them for different id's. And I really think that any mod on here will have to have been a member for a while, especially with all the multiple id's going around now.

    The fact is, mods don't get paid, and it's almost impossible to keep up on all threads at all times. However, if ten members send me complaints about a member, things will get done.

    I'd like to clarify that if you are having a problem with trolls, you would get much more done communicating it to me and allowing me to fulfill my roll, than by making a thread setting an ultimatum to me.

    Either be my eyes and ears and we can deal with each reincarnation of this troll, or ignore the troll. If you think that anyone is gonna be able to read all of these threads every day, you are being unrealistic.

    And this is, by no means, the worst troll infestation we've had. Frankly, fatality, you started coming here at the end of the last episode of trolls. The forum hasn't gone downhill, it's just that all such forums have periods of productivity, and periods of troll infestation. And the surest way to get rid of trolls is by creating unity between the mods and the productive members, and that involves members communicating with mods CONSTRUCTIVELY. As an example of a way this thread could be more cnstructive is by actually citing incidents, links to threads where it happened, etc. However, this would be better placed in PM's to the mods, so that the thread doesn't become a big argument over who is and isn't being a troll.

    As an aside, please keep in mind in the future that ultimatums to people who provide free services to you might not be well received. JKDChick is right: this site has remarkably few trolls for the type of site it is.

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    KC Elbows
    And Brand, keep in mind that the mods are far more aware of who has a static ip, and who doesn't.

    I think you guys are working angles we mods worked long ago. They don't work well. Without you becoming involved, this is the way it goes. Inform us of what's going on, but don't complain about our free labor.

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    you people are the stupidest fucks on the face of the planet.

    you bring it on yourself by arguing with these worthless wads of cow semen, and then bitch when you can't win the argument. guess what?!?!? you'll never win an argument with a troll, so don't fucking bother.

    I have to go throw up at your glaringly obvious stupidity now...........stupid fucking idiots.

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    worthless wads of cow semen, I think you found the type label you can put on are type of troll problem.

    "A California man has been taken to court for stalking Anna Nicole Smith. The man has been charged with invasion of privacy, illegal trespassing, and having really bad taste."-Conan

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    No disrespect to the admins, I mean I'm not actually bothered at all to be honest, I think you do a great job.

    But lets just make more mods?

    I mean people like Oisris, FD, WAstrel, IGBJJs, Sansoo, Pizdoff etc and myself are people who post all the time - we're all almost definitely responsibl eenough... Could make a few more Moderators...
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