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Thread: I want a PhD...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bernius
    For those interested, here's the "American College of Martial Science's" website.

    Now that's funny!! (as you say, why does the HTML header say "Southern Indiana Bible College and Seminary?). And the original URL is a redirect to And the root of that URL is Shinja Martial Arts??

    Anyways, the doctorate is *only* $725. But since they require a 6th degree black, I'd have to buy that from somewhere else first...

    Hey, I found someone willing to sell a PhD for $275:

    (damn! it was all bullshidoed:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the subject at hand...

    But one of our neighbors told my wife that her masters degree wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Needless to say we haven't talked to her since. An unemployed certifiable nutcase is telling my wife her degree is ****. Yeah. Put herself through school, 4.0 all the way through masters. Lucky she didn't get punched in the mouth.

    WTF is my point? I dunno. Maybe something about holding the integrity of higher education degrees. Or something. And people making PhD's for made up martial arts ****? Oh man.
    In what subject? I mean, if it's something like philosophy, then I'd have to agree.

    But, Master's degree's are usually more technical (i.e. applicable in the real world :p) so I'm guessing it's a very useful subject.

    Then you'd have to worry about getting it from a shitty school. But, someone who gets 4.0's doesn't have to worry about going to a shitty school.

    Obvioulsly, the only conclusion is that your neighbor is a dumbass.


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    Guys, you can get Phd's in theology for just buying the right books. Last time I saw them the books cost $99.95 + s/h. Almost did it when I got into an argument with a department head over the racist content of a course one of his instructors was teaching and he kept insisting that I refer to him as "Doctor", just so I could make him call me "Doctor".

    In the end, I just let the NAACP have at him.
    "Quiet fool before I am kicking the butt!"
    -My three year old trash talking to me

    "Integrity can't be bought or sold---you either have it or you don't."
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    "No surprise. Until Aikido sheds its street-brawling, thuggish image, it'll never be mainstream."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bernius
    Typically you find that's the case with anyone who really earned an academic/professional doctorate. Heck, one of my current professors was awarded the MacArthur Genius grant, has redefined his field twice, and doesn't like students referring to him as "doctor."
    There is generally a lot of informality within academia in regards to this sort of thing. While Doctor is correct "Bob" is usually prefered.

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    You could get a "life experience" PhD in Martial Arts from Rochville University. It is not accredited by any regional accrediting agency, but you can legally be called Dr. Death or whatever. There are also some unaccredited institutions where you can still get a pretty good education (don't know of any in martial arts). I checked out the ACMS website posted in this thread. If you legitimately meet the requirements they have listed, including all the experience, rank, and thesis, I think you could rightfully call yourself "doctor". Just a thought. :toothy4:

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    In many states it is a crime to use "Ph.D." or "doctor" if one has not earned such titles at an academically accredited insitution. It is interesting that many of the so-called "masters" have such low self-esteem that they have to manufacture titles. These are the same people who would throw a fit if someone called themselves a master in their particular

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    These guys are offering Diploma's which are Australian Government

    Not far off a degree ! :qgaraduat

    Who knows...A PhD sounds a bit far fetched'd be like a PhD in plumbing.

    The way it goes in Australia is:

    Certificates I - IV
    Advanced Diploma
    Bachelor Degree
    Masters (2 years) or Honours (1 yr) or Grad Dip (1 year)
    PhD (min 3 years usually pure research)

    Most PhD's seem to say M.D's are the real doctors. M.D's say the PhD's are the real doctors.

    Of course, the D.Sc I know thinks he's the real doctor, and I don't think anybody wants to argue with that! :wrestlerf
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    Chiu Chi Ling, Ph.D./MA
    Wow, Chiu Chi Ling has one of their degrees. Isn't he a pretty famous Hung Gar teacher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bernius
    For those interested, here's the "American College of Martial Science's" website. Not ethat they no longer ever require classes. Just a *snigger* thesis essay (and the cash). But it gets better, they're accreditied by an institution in that famed craddle of the Martial Arts... Saudi Arabia. Plus, you think such an upstanding institution would remember to update it's HTML titles. Anyway take a look (probably not a good idea to take a swig of anything while waiting for the link to load).

    - Matt
    I bet all that money gets funneled to that guy is smart! :lovestory

    He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.

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