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    coool .. how much does this kind of insurance run? I have actually seen some ads in BB magazine about insurance for MA schools but I kind of want to deal with someone local.


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    It really varies per type (homeowner vs. commercial), amount of coverage ($10,000 vs. $1,000,000), and the rates. I'll ask around and get back to you, if you like. Now, keep in mind that there are a LOT of variables, like state and county statistics, the underwriter, the company, and so forth. I can only inquire for the state of Texas, specifically Dallas or Collin county.

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    I could get the info here in town I think. My family knows some lawyers. Thank you for any help though. I don't have a lot of capital so I'm not sure what I could do right now though.

    I think I am going to wait until I finish the book before I do anything like start a real club. Having a book that outlines and structures everything would really help a lot - also, then I can show people a complete package.

    I have been online too much lately. I need to do some writing, training and drawing. I am glad to finally be done with school .. again.

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