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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty
    After doing the worst Sil Lum Tao and Chum Kiu hybrid I've ever seen in my life the fight was a comical display of someone not fighting within their style.

    The WC guy was leaning in and running around swinging hooks and haymakers to his mid section with no idea at all about striking or defending or using footwork (besides applying close range pressure).

    It looked like he's never sparred before or competed at that level and had a mental meltdown. He deserved the beat down as he looked like he had had no training what so ever in that fight.
    Looked like every other fight with a wing chun fight i'v seen before.
    Oh sir, please enlighten us with the real _ing _un!

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    It's sad but true!!!

    Man I'm a WIng Chun guy and I have to admit that most of the wing chun that I see is just pure ****! I have found that more the 70% of them only do chi Sao or some type of restricted sparring and they have this same look about them (standing straight up walkings staight in with no power.) I believe in what I train because I use in in a enviorment with few restrictions almost every day. I find this to be rare when it comes to wing chun no matter what lineage, family etc..... It boils down to you will fight for the most part how you train. If you limit your training you will be limited. So I will be the first to say it ""**** styles!"" If I get a my ass handed to me it was not my style. It was my ass and my fault. If I aske myself why my ass was presented to me in this way and if what I'm training does not have the answer. you better believe I will learn what ever brings me the answer. So far I have found the answers I have been looking for in what I do. So at this point wing chun has been for me. It may not be a lineage of family someone likes or dislikes but that does not mean jack when it comes down to giving or getting your ass kicked. plain and simple. If you kick my ass it doesn't matter if do BJJ, Wing chun, karate needle point etc.... I would be the one who needs to find out what I need and fix it or continue to take an ass whippin! LOL!

    In those clips you can tell those wing chun guys where not fighters in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wounded Ronin
    I think it's really funny how some guy went and ripped Yip Man a new one, because usually ?ing ?un organizations try to validate their existence through Yip Man lineage.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no idea if Yip Man was actually worth it or not. I'm just saying it's humorous.
    Perhaps Yip Man might have been good. But he is credited with simplifying Wing Chun into a system that could be easily taught.

    If you compare Yip Man-lineage Wing Chun to other systems some pretty obvious characteristics of the style come out:
    1. wide, knees straight stance.
    2. rolling punches is heavily emphasised
    3. they often use ideas like forward-force
    4. they often have little idea concerning the use of the elbow in the many shapes
    5. they seem to have lost what i can only call the 'up-right wrestling' aspects of wing chun and think it is purely striking.

    And then in a club situation people like to talk about things like chi, inch-force, do little sparring or conditioning -- and then somehow think they can fight.

    As such, perhaps unfairly, I consider the whole Yip Man thing bullshido. Its more the first big step in the commercialisation of CMA.

    The funniest thing though is the story spread about by Yip Man Wing Chun people, who don't even know they are Yip Man Wing Chun people, that say that Yip Man was the only person to escape the Chinese cultural revolution with Wing Chun. This is a great story... it's like McDonald's arguing they are the only people with the real burger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I aint punchy!?
    Finally got it to play by using media player 2...

    An interesting video, hadnt seen it before.

    A few things I'd like to say:
    1. the karate guy obviously had a significant height and weight advantage.
    2. the wing chun guys Chum Kil form was an interesting illustration of his approach to the art. It looked loose and sloppy to me. Also he's obviously a Yip Man lineage Wing Chun guy with his wide parrallel stance and focus on slappy hand strikes. Also no focus on the meaning of things like the pivoting etc. My jaded opinion: typical Wing Chun as taught in many a McDojo I spose.
    3. the karate guys approach to the rapid blows/rolling punches attach was an excellent illustration of how simple this is to defeat -- keep your arm along the path of the punches and let the person tire themselves out.
    4. on the good side i liked in this video that the wing chun person actually tried to do close range fighting... their weakness was probably not training for punching power and no use of the more sticky-leg/chin-na/traps/sweeps/wrestlingy part of wing chun (which doesnt seem to exist in many Yip Man lineage styles).

    The abuse WC takes on this forum gets you off doesnt it?

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