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Thread: Lethalo!

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    Oh yeah, well I play THIS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd
    On the plus side, I now know what Fatality Dragon looks like and he's as autastic as I imagined.
    Also note that Pizdoff's posts from this time period are all the same AOL chat room asterisk RPing he still uses today, in between posting things like AREA HOUSEWIFE KICKS INSOMNIA'S PATOOTIE WITH TAI KWUN DO with no commentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKDChick


    (incoherent sobbing)
    This thread was worth resurrecting just to unearth the fact that JKDChick quoted Bart the General three years before it was made. And that just breaks my heart.
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    Holy christ.
    Fatality Dragon.

    Didn't he come back a while ago just to be kicked around again?

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    Not to beat a dead horse but I'm probably the only guy here who actually ponyed up the $50 to find out about Lethalo.

    My experience with them confirms they are a scam (I just had to know for sure). The first Lethalo Course consisted of a pdf filled with a mix of vague generalities, narcissism and ideas about mindset that will get you killed and/or thrown into prison. I was not happy but open minded about examining their actual techniques. Unfortunately, the website they claimed demonstrated the introductory techniques, did not actually exist. No biggie. I figure the url is out of date and email them about it. And email them about it and email them about it. No response.

    Then I do something stupid and figure I'd order the second course. This is supposedly a tape or DvD that demonstrates technique. Of course it never arrived. To be fair, the guys at Lethalo want you to fill out an "exam" to make sure you actually read the .pdf before ordering tapes. Since both the .pdf and the exam were a joke, I figure, what the hey, filled it out and emailed it to them. I wait a reasonable amount of time. Email them a couple of times and eventually order a tape. A couple of months go by with several more emails. Now, I'm pissed. Understand something. Their contact email at [email protected] has an autoresponder attached to it. You send them email and it automatically sends you one back with a message telling you that they got your email and will get back to you etc (they never actually do). This demonstrates two things in a repeatable and reliable manner: 1) they get your email and 2) email sent by them gets to you. This is important since they claim they repeatedly email you but it "bounced". I guess this is possible but very unlikely. It's easy to demonstrate their emails make it through and nobody who sends email to me has any problem whatsoever.....ever.

    Finally, I lose patience with these guys and open a PayPal dispute. PayPal insists that, if you do this, you do it within 45 days of the transaction. The first transaction expired (although I tried, lol). The second did not. Open a dispute and FINALLY....a response.

    Not the response I expected mind you (blah, blah, sorry about that, here's the url for the website and the tape you ordered) but some manipulative bullshit trying to get me to not use PayPal's dispute system (ding, ding, ding......warning sign #1). I'm polite but firm. I explain what the problem is and ask for them to fix it. Their response was to become insulting and abusive (ie call me stupid etc.), which is warning sign #2. Claims he doesn't "want me as a student". Whoa, whoa, whooooooaaaa there sifu McJedi, I'm just looking for a tape to see if Lethalo is legitimate or not. You have to show me a hell of alot before you can talk about me as a student (I'm not exactly new to training). Sending me a tape definately does not come anywhere close to allowing any claims for that sort of relationship. Warning sign #3. Then he claims I'm trying to steal from him because I want a refund for the first course or, preferably, access to the website I paid for so that I can actually get my first taste of the awesomeness that is Lethalo. Warning sign #4. Then, he makes a bald faced lie about there being no auto-responder. Why would he lie about that? Wiggy. That is warning sign #5. Catching someone in a lie is an extremely reliable warning sign that they are a scammer.

    But, hey, whatever. I explain to him that my purchase is covered under PayPal's buyer protection plan and make it clear that I will make a claim against him unless he refunds my money or, preferably, simply sends me the tape I ordered. I am polite, respectful and diplomatic about it. I also explain that, although PayPal won't allow me a claim on the first course because 45 days has passed, he hasn't met his obligation to me to provide website access or even a single Lethalo technique for my evaluation. I'd like a refund, or better yet, the introduction to Lethalo promised me.

    The result? He refunded my money for the tape but lied in the response section as to if I did what was necessary (ie send in the "exam") to obtain access to that tape. He did not, however, refund my original purchase, nor did he send me the new url for that course (he claimed the url changed but, gee, what a surprise, it wasn't sent to me).

    At this point, the kindest thing I can say about Lethalo is that they refunded my money when I threatened to take the matter up with PayPal but ripped me off for the first course, neither supplying any information on actual Lethalo techniqe or refunding my money. I suppose, I could make a stink over this with PayPal but it's more trouble than it's worth at this point.

    I have serious doubts that such a technique as Lethalo actually exists. I can confirm that the pdf for the first course is drek and the guys who run Lethalo do not act in an honorable or honest fashion. It's obvious to me that they are a scam.

    I guess I should have known better but, for whatever reason, the Lethalo hype intrigued me and I decided to give them a chance.

    My mistake.

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    I'm sorry they treated you that way.

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