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    Whatever this **** is, the flaws in your friend's system will become apparent when he turns up to a judo or BJJ class. Untill he's done that he hasn't really "tried to find flaws".

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    Not to be too cruel, but they suck!

    ussd, from what I've experienced they charge way too much, they promote you if you pay, they take a lifetime to show you anything useful.

    I was invited to check out a couple schools. Sad to say their students were less than capable. The only ones that could do anything decent were practitioners of 6 or more years. McDojo to say the least!

    If camaraderie, culture, and exercise is what you're looking for than that's a great place to spend your $$, but if you're wanting to learn a fully functioning system that will produce results on the street without wasting years on your life, go somewhere else.

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