Muay Thai is a fantastic martial art/sport. It requires its practicioners to become extremely proficient at a relatively small amount of techniques ( which is great in my opinion), its fast paced nature lends itself well to making sure that those who practice it get in great physical shape, and its contact aspect really weeds out McDojolytes, while also producing students who actually know what it's like to feel the pain of fists, kicks, knee strikes,and elbow strikes--something that those from softer styles or McDojo point sparring styles won't likely ever experience.

The great thing about styles like Muay Thai and BJJ is that they have a heavy reliance on full contact fighting/sparring. Regardless of what you think of their philosophies and techniques, there is no denying that training such as that builds a "warrior spirit" and an instinctual response pattern that makes people physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to fight or respond in just about any situation.