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Thread: Ya kidding me!

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    Hey it's all gravy. As long as personal attacks are left out, I'm cool. I try not to look at a style as a whole anymore, as I've seen that any one style cannot be effective. Cross training striking with grappling is essential for a complete idea of self defense.

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    "notice I listed 12 years of ****-Ryu karate as another one of my arts"

    No. All of your training is ****. You do a **** wrestling when instead of a mud wrestling, and you lie about JKD. You study TKD.

    And here's the evidence that convicts you as a moron...

    "BTW, grappling still owns pure boxing" LOL! That's like saying Muay Thai owns Basketball!

    JKD huh? What the heck do you know about JKD?

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    I'm going to have to argue against a person who thinks that wrestling is useless. I was in a fight a couple of weeks ago with a guy (he was kind of a racist and got on one of my friends, so I kind of freaked out). He threw the first punch and me and I ducked back a bit, but it still hit me on the cheek. I took a few steps back and shook the cobwebs out before I lunged forward and jabbed at his head. He covered up so I immediately ducked and grabbed him about the hips (known as the high-crotch maneuver in wrestling). I picked him probably three feet off of the ground and dropped him with all of my body weight. When I moved to mount him, I noticed he was already unconcious. Also, I'd argue against a bjj guy who would say 'let him take me to the ground'. I think wrestling is important for establishing a position of control from the get-go. Not to mention the fact that I can think of a better way to improve your balance for any kind of fighting.

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