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    KC Elbows
    All right, everyone shut the **** up.

    Here's how it will be.

    First, there has been no 'cyberstalking' so quit hurting my ears with the whining. Requesting an ip is not stalking, and since the moderators have not given out that ip, you're just whining, and again, stop it.

    Second, speculation on the real names of online personalities is an utter and complete waste of time. Handles can be matched to handles when ip's match, but more than one troll has figured out how to get around it. Unless someone just totally messes up, all you generally know is the writing styles. So give it a rest. Talk about it in PM's with each other, then reveal your well thought out theories, but until then, I don't want to hear about it.

    Third, 'two' people are following people around and harrassing them, a particular pet peeve of mine, and so I'm playing with the idea of banning them, UNLESS THEY SHUT THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS AND STOP FOLLOWING MEMBERS AROUND, starting now. I will also ban their alternate ids, and any id's I think might be their alternate id's, even if I have no real proof, because I don't need real proof, because this is not Columbo, and I am not Peter Faulk, and you are not a citizen with rights here.

    I will kill a troll an hour until my demands are met. Starting with Balloonknot.

    DRD has given the info to fight him. Unless someone can prove that's not him, blow. Willingness to fight all comers is all the proof we need. Either fight him or not, but DON'T follow him or any other member around again, because that is the fucking rules.

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    and thats how it SHOULD be!

    "If attacked fight, and fight to kill"

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    OK KC Elbows I quit the shiznit. Starting from now. I am a bit "hurt" about being called a troll though. I have posted many valid topics and I hope I am viewed as much more than a troll. Maybe a knucklehead but please not a troll.... As for DRD, our "dispute" is over. I'm just messing with you man. It's all a game to me. Boredom is my impedus. Can we kiss and make up? Or, do we just ignore each other? I am all for peace. I will continue to be a contributing member of this website (because I like it) although, my opinion in not alway popular. As the great character Tim once said, GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!


    "The Money Shot Guru"

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