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    Nah, this ain't too bad, actually. It's worse when they necro ones from '03.
    DIDN'T YOU KNOW?! The Chinese know everything! And they knew it 4,000 years before YOU did!

    "Yes. Yes I am. I'm clearly illiterate and dictating this post to a squadron of several dozen trained jumping beans I've coearced into living on my keyboard, each named after a letter or character, which bounce up and down as I call their names." -JohnnyCache

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    Its hard to get posts as a noob .... I usualy just read all the really old ones as I find time . Some have grown to extreme lengths and are packed with random bits of info... I have picked up some good advice for eating cheap and diet tips from a couple random threads .....some just end up being a complete waste of time ...but I had to comment on this one... usually I fight the urge to wake the dead :new_vampv . Besides its only been in the ground for a couple months ...

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