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Thread: Tukong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daGorilla
    Interesting stories.

    I won't lay claim to knowing what happened one way or the other. I suspect the "Ki" ability you've described might be worthy of the million dollar challange.

    Regardless, it is interesting. But I hear stories like these all the time -- often in the context of Ki or in the context of religion/prayer.

    Often the key component seems to be the students of Grandmaster X or the ardent faithful of the church of whatever. Isolated, anecdotal reports don't prove anything.

    A couple of good examples are the recently debunked "no touch" knockout folks. Leon Jay was recently challenged to perform such a knockout on a challenging scientist. He failed utterly... at which point they interviewed Geroge Dillman who went on to blather nonsensically about possible reasons for failure and basically scramble to cover his ass. Take away the "believer" element -- in this case, their students -- and there are no "powers" to behold.

    As for what you've described, I won't pass judgement -- but I suspect the "believer" element -- even for the "non-believer" -- influenced things heavily -- which may just indicate nothing more than the fact that there is a lot about the human brain we still don't understand.

    I saw that same documentary on the knockout notouch stuff.. I find it not very believable, but I keep my options open.

    When I was a yellow belt I saw a Master do the Immovable object demo. He stands there and forces his Ki down and makes himself Immovable and nobody can pick him up. His senior students tried and could not. Someone said, let Jimmy try. He said come on and try.

    I walked up, put my arms around his waist squeezed hard and lifted him off the floor with no problem. OOOOoops.. sorry..... He then started saying that it was because I had tilted him back and made his feet lose contact with the ground and his Ki force was broken. Yeah right, whatever. End of demo. That was actually my first master Won Ik Yi.

    I saw this one guy THROW his Ki across a room and put out a candle 20 feet away! WOW! That was cool! I told a Master Won Kuk Kim about that. he laughed. He was from Hong Kong and had seen that too. He showed me how to do it. I did it at the next testing demo for eveyone in my belt level. They were all amazed! Then I showed them how to do it and they all laughed.

    The Wick of the candle is doctored. The guy throwing the Ki goes through these big arm motions and deep breathing as he concentrates on the candle 20 - 30 feet away and then suddenly he PUSHES fast and hard with a loud Kiap and the candle is blown out!

    What he is looking for is a small change in the color of the flame. That says the wick has reached the chemical that releases CO2 and the flame will go out. Right them you time your Kiap and Energy throw witht he candle flame going out and it looks like you threw your KI! LOL What a CROCK!

    Anyway, I have seen a lot of BS too and have found how to do most demos. Some have skill and strength involved but no KI energy needed. Anyone can do them. Oh well.

    I think you are absolutely correct on the believer part. Sort of like the Church revivals where people start to shake and speak in tongues. Did you see Borat? You have to BELIEVE! Deamon be GONE! ;)

    I walked in to my old school where I was a Pum Dan on a Saturday to get some things for the class I was teaching. There were about 6 guys around the board breaking stand with my Master near them. I went and got my stuff and was leaving when one of them called me over. I went over and they had one normal board with 3 of those plastic "rebreakable" training boards on top. Each one was a little smaller in surface area than the one below it, but about the same thickness.

    The guy asked me if I could break these? I grinned and said sure, why? He said, Only the Master had been able to and nobody there could.

    The guys there were all about the same strength level as I was and I just laughed and without any fanfare I raised my arm and slammed my hand through the pile, no kiap or breathing or preparation or anything. Everyone looked amazed. I said so? My hand didn't feel great, but no worse than normal breaking.

    Then suddenly, after they had seen it done, apparently so easily, everyone wanted to do it. I watched the very next guy do it on his first try. I started leaving, but before I left, the next guy had also done it. I looked back and the Master just looked at me and I laughed and left.

    Bottomline, The Believer factor has a lot to do with confidence and control. As Henry Ford said, "If you believe you can or if you believe you can't, you're probably right."

    I am Jimmy Higgins. I was there.
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    Well, gentlemen, it has been interesting and sometimes pretty fun. But now I have to go back to work and I do not have the time to respond in such detail to replies. Should there be a time when you need to reach me, my email is [email protected]. I am glad to answer any serious email there.

    I wish everyone the best in their training and development and hope you know any insults here, were not sincere or said with actual malice. If anyone was upset or felt badly after any of my posts, I certainly apologize as it was only fun banter to me.

    I am glad there is a forum such as this, where everyone can speak their mind and have an opinion. Many people do not appreciate this about our country and fail to realize the cost for this ability, past and future. I hope I can make a positive contribution to society, however small, when I have the opportunity.

    Best of luck to everyone here.
    Keep shakin' the tree until the fruit falls.

    Jimmy Higgins

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    When I was a yellow belt I saw a Master do the Immovable object demo. He stands there and forces his Ki down and makes himself Immovable and nobody can pick him up. His senior students tried and could not. Someone said, let Jimmy try. He said come on and try.
    I didn't see anything in that post about how you stopped studying with him...
    Ahh, boardbreaking. Because you never know when a well braced kiln dried #3 pine board is going to attack.

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