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    Speaker of the House Dennist Hastert (R. Illinois)

    Ex-wrestling coach

    From is autobiography...

    The sport of wrestling may have its roots in ancient Mesopotamia and be five thousand years old, but basic challenge facing every grappler has remained the same. Take the other guy down, roll him over on his back until his shoulders touch the mat, and then wait for the referee to slap the mat for a "pin". It is, of course, much easier said than done.


    In wrestling, I knew you could do a lot of fancy stuff and still never win, so I tried to keep it simple and well focused on five or six moves. If you could do a few things well, it would take you a long way toward being very good.

    Because I knew our oponnents were drilling the same fundamentals we were, I was always looking for something that would give us an edge. I found out what I was looking for in our own backyard. First was the intensity and duration of the practice we conducted every day after school. I wanted to make those sessions - and we're talking two-and-half hours each - as tough and as profitable as possible.

    I didn't have our guys do a lot of running around the track. Instead, we conditioned on the mat, and at the end of each practice, I had them climb ropes ten or fifteen times without using their feet. I didn't want to wear them out, so I told them that if they could tell a joke that would make me laugh, I'd knock off one rope climb.

    in 1973 I had my first state champion, Gary Matlock at 112 pounds. He would be followed by nearly a dozen more. In 1973, among six hundred schools, Yorkville ranked 10th in the state. The next year we came in second, and a point and half behind first. In 1976 we took nine (of our starting 12) to the state tournament. Each of the nine kids scored in that tournament, and we had five in the finals.


    Never win the big match the night before. So never go to a contest unprepared.

    Never understimate your opponent. No matter how experienced, or rich or important you are, you can be beaten. The unforeseen can and will happen. It's how prepared and flexible you are that counts.

    Always underpromise and try to overproduce.

    Do your coaching during practice. Coaching from the sidelines is too late.

    Never rely on your opponent to help you win.

    When you are in a position to score, you better put points on the board. You may never be there again.

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    Agreed. Running too much is stupid.
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    I know there are good wrestling programs in that part of the state, a guy I used to work with at Braidwood had a couple sons who were state competitors who wrestled for Wilmington and a good friend of mine wrestled for Coal City.
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    Yeah, running is overrated.


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